Hoia Baciu Forest Stories

We hear so many things about strange places, possible doorways to other times and dimensions. I don’t know if you heard about Hoia Baciu Forest stories but this is for sure a very creepy place. Hoia Baciu is locates in Romania near Cluj Napoca town. It is a very dark and strange forest, related a number of vanished persons, when entered this place.

A few legends

How everything started? One legend says that a long time ago, a shepherd entered this dark fores with his sheep. he never came back and people started to look for him but no signs from the shepherd or his sheep. He just vanished.

Another story is the disappearance of the five years little girl who entered the forest and, same as the shepherd, vanished in its darkness. Five years later, she just returned like only a few hours passed. She couldn’t remember anything, what happened to her this time, where she has been.

Another legend comes from the 90’s when there was a military camp and a few soldiers were driving to the base.on their way they saw a very old man with a staff. The officers stooped and went to ask his if he is ok. they took him in the back of the car and about 100 meters later when they turned their heads the old man just vanished. Those events were kept secret and investigated.

From the old days it is said that the forest shows its magic only to those who are ready to sacrifice their lives, happiness for somebody else.hoia baciu forest

A fairy tale about this forest

Another legend talks about a young man, named Nicolae. he was working in a wood shop, training as a cabinet maker. One day he decides to go through the forest, for a shorter way to his When he was a child his father told him to not go through that woods. The boy listened his words, he had not been since his childhood. His father died in an accident and was only him and his mother Florentina that he loved very much. that day he wanted to not be late for his dinner and thought to take the faster way, through the forest. After walking for while in the woods Nicolae realized that he lost his way and as much as he tried he couldn’t find it. His mother started to be very worried because he never used to be late. Soon was dark in the forest and Nicolae understood that he couldn’t continue walking with no light because was dangerous. Trying to rest he heard birds talking to another. Even if was very dark, strange noise, strange animal sounds but finally he felt a sleep. That a very strong wind started and suddenly the wind totally stopped. And everything was so still. This is when he heard a woman saying hello to him and that was a nice surprise to see him there. When he looked to her, just in from of him, she was so beautiful that he lost his words, he could not’ speak. Her name was Seralina and she kept him company for hours. Her eyes were golden- green and sparkling like precious stones. Seralina’s voice was very calm and sweet. When talking she avoided revealing anything about why she was there, where she came from but Nicolae didn’t notice this. he invited her to his home and she showed him the way out to the forest. Home. Nicolae found him mother sleeping in a chair, probably waiting for him. he woke her up and introduces Seralina. The mother saw the real truth behind her beauty and tried to warn his son but he didn’t listen anything bad about Seralina. Soon the gild moved with them and she started taking control of the house and being very mean to florentina but Nicolae was blind from love. One night as Florentina was crying in her room small beautiful fairies cane to her window and told her that would help her to get rid of the evil Seralina. They took her into the woods to the strange clearing. They put her near an old cedar tree which after a while started waking up. Seralina could see his eyes and mouth and the old cedar tree asked why they woke him up. The fairies told him about Seralina and Florentina’s son and the cedar tree said that he want to help her but she is very powerful evil. That Florentina said that only if she was younger, she would fight Seralina. The cedar tree came with a brilliant idea to make her 60 years younger, beautiful and strong as she was that. Doing his magic and calling the powers a golden gate appear and he told Florentina to pass through the gate. At the moment she was ready to step through this golden time gate she asked the cedar tree what will happen to her son. Of course the son would not exist when she would go home was the answer of the lord of the forest, the cedar tree. that she said she prefers to have live in sadness and misery that to never know her son.that the golden gate disappeared. That everything came to normal, no fairies, no magical tree. Because she was willing to sacrifice her happiness for her son, the spell broke.Seralina became a serpent and finally Nicolae understood that his mother was right. The serpent disappeared and Nicolae and Florentina were happy.

Because of those stories, the place is also called the Bermuda triangle of Romania and is considered to be a portal to another dimensions or time.

If you are brave enough to go inside you just have to know that no electronic device is working there; No cell phones, nothing to help you.

What scientists and researchers discovered

Scientists have investigated the strange phenomena that happened in that forest. The place is international famous since 1968 and everyone knows it as a very bad place, that once you go in you can expect anything happens. People claim that when they enter the forest they can hear strange sounds, some become ill instantly and strange figures appear. Of course must be a scientific explanation for this so the biologist Alexander Sift in 1950 entered many times in the forest to observe the space between the trees. He claimed that some shadows were following him. he managed to take a photo where you can see figures, shadows that the human eye can’t see it. the photo was called The umbrella.

Later on, in 1968 a Romanian scientist Emil Barnea didn’t believe in paranormal and tried to find an explanation for these phenomena. He went for a weekend in the forest with his girl friend at that time, Zamfir Mattea and two other friends. At some point he found him self crying inexplicably. Emil Barnea saw something similar to an UFO approaching and glowing. he managed also to take some pictures of this flying craft which now are supposed to be the clearest images of an UFO in the world. The fact that the photos were original was confirmed by two well-known Ufologists: Florin George and john Hoban.

One important effect of the forest is the missing time. People who returned after a few years of wandering in the forest they claim that just a few hours passed. Can be a time portal?

This area was created 55 000 years ago by Atlanta,and there is supposed to be the center of Atlantis.  These place appear in the first writings of Plato as a school of mysteries.Plato wrote that there were the first Aryan beings which they could time travel anywhere in the time and space without a craft.It is an energy created by the Atlantes to use teleportation travelling from their planet to ours.

A strange clearing in the forest was the main point of researches, the focus of paranormal activities. It is a perfect circle where vegetation never grows. Samples have been taken but was nothing unusual in the chemistry of the soil to prevent growing vegetation.

Hoia Baciu forest was an attraction for researchers from all around the world:USA, Hungary, Germany, France. They studied mysteries of the forest for a long time, even managed to take some images of strange figures, lights, UFO.

Visitors were talking about time travel, strange sounds like the trees are alive and even finding coins from another period, long ago. Some of those things you can find them in the local museum. The objects were found in the pockets of the people mysteriously. Some of those people claimed to go back a few hundreds years in the past and when they returned their watches stopped. They were recalling memories from those time travel journeys.

These stories become as famous or maybe more than the Dracula’s castle in Romania. But it is possible to be a scientific explanation? It is possible for a reason to be a huge magnetic filed in that area that stops electronic devices working and that helps opening portals to another dimensions, another times?

I intend my self to visit this place soon and i will come with my own experience there. If anybody have been there, tell me your story, tell me the feelings you had visiting this magical forest.

You can watch also this interesting video.


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