Time Travel Through A Wormhole


Many ways of time travel are scientifically researched but everything end up being just theory. One theory that I found interesting it is the time travel through a wormhole.

I will tell you a beautiful story of a little boy once, and a great scientist today. Ron Mallet it is a professor of physics, a respected scientist. he was just a child when his father died, a 10 years old boy.was a very difficult time for him the only thing to help him go through it were his books. One year after his dad passed away he came across HG Wells Time machine book

There were a few words on this book that changed his life: ‘Scientific people know very well that time it is the just a kind of space and that we can move forward and backwards in time, just as we can… in space’.

So the little boy decides to build a time machine to see again his father and maybe even to save him. This it is how his passion for time travel, for physics came.

Einstein theory that space-time can be fold and create a shortcut between two specific points in time and space inspired him. So we can visualize this as a tunnel with an entrance in a specific moment and the entrance in another time and space, maybe hundreds of years ago, maybe just few years. This tunnel it is the called a wormhole and the entrance and exit points are two powerful black holes. But where we can find a wormhole? supposing that we want to travel to this tunnel we have to find it, to find the entrance .

It is the possible to find a natural time tunnel, a natural wormhole ? Already Russian scientists are looking for it, using radio telescopes. Finding a wormhole the time travel theory will be reality?

What scientist thing about Ron Malett dream?

Kip Thorne claims that once it is the formed a wormhole will self-destruct because of a violent explosion. he said that if somebody will try to go through this passage will surely die because the space-time warping it is the very intense

Scientists say that to use a wormhole as a time passage it is the should stay open and both entrances synchronized for the necessary period for a space craft to pass though. This it is the just a theory until now because it requires negative energy to keep the wormhole open and this negative energy doesn’t exist or not enough. Negative energy or exotic matter was discovered but in very small amounts. Quantum physics come with a few theories here .

Professor Tamara Davis, a cosmologist at the University of Queensland In Australia says that it is the something in space which can have an anti-gravity effect that we can use to keep the wormhole open. This energy it is the pulling, not pushing and it is the called dark energy.( or dark matter) . If we can understand what is the dark matter, how to produce it maybe we will be able to keep a wormhole opened long enough to travel from one part of the Universe of the other:). Most physicist thing that using quantum mechanics and trying to time travel through a wormhole, a quantum back reaction will appear/ what means this in simple words? This means that the huge energy needed and created finally will destroy the wormhole before to be done the time journey, before any space craft would pass through.

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But Ron Malett Has Another Opiniontime machine

Believe it or not the little boy wanted so much to make his dream reality and now as a scientist, he already made plans for a real time machine inspired by HG. Wells book and based by Einstein equations. He wanted to use laser to generate a circulating beam of light inside which the space should be twisted.warping space should be the same time warping time, claimed professor Ron Malett, while space and time are related. But the only problem with his theory is that in this case we would need a huge amount of energy.

The idea was inspired from Einstein theory that the past, present and future are existing in the same time space. Professor Malett says that if space is twisted enough the linear time line will create a loop and we will be able in this way to travel into the past. Everything good, but it’s still only theory.

Traveling into the future it is possible for now only at a very small scale. Scientists already sent into the future small particles, muons ( something similar to electrons for those who don’t know) . How they did this? just by manipulating the gravity around those muons.

Where can we find those wormholes?

Wormholes where first noticed and brought in discussion by Einstein in 1916 but have we actually find one? No, in reality nobody has seen a wormhole and were never proved to exist. Even if one will be found will not be big enough for a space craft to pass through. At least from what we know until now.

Scientists are very optimistic thou. Astrophysicist Eric W. Davis claims that time travel is possible and all we need is a wormhole. Just this. Simple like that, if you want to say.

Thorne, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California institute of technology came with a good question in the 80s. Would the low of physics allow a spaceship or any other object to pass through a wormhole if we could make one? it is possible to make an artificial wormhole, as long as we can’t find a real one?

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If before was theorized that something going through a wormhole will instantly be vaporized, now the opinions changed. With a required quantity of exotic matter to hold the wormhole open, time travel would be possible.

Past, Present And Future

As Einsteins’s theory says, as Ron mallet confirms, past, present, future exists in the same time and are already there, here. Everything is already done, already present and already written for the future. Everything is somewhere in space and time. Dr. Kristie Miller, Director of the Centre for Time at the University of Sidney gives this example saying that the dinosaurs are out there, living their life and we are out here in present living ours and all future is already out there in space-time. Confusing? Maybe time is just a human concept? Does time really exist?

While some scientists see time as an illusion some have different opinion. Professor Lee Smolin from the perimeter institute In Canada Waterloo, thinks that time does exist, that time travel is probably impossible. He claims that is nowhere where to go if the future doesn’t exist yet and past is only memories.

His colleague, prof. Neil Turok believes that quantum physics is very different from classical physics, and while at quantum level particles go though walls, they already break the laws of physics. So nothing is impossible in quantum physics and is not necessary that the laws of physics we know has to be respected.

I thing for today is enough but the main question is still there. Will ever be possible time travel? Wormholes are the answer?

To be continued with more thoughts and theories soon. If you have any question, ask me and I will integrate the answer in my next article. Thanks for reading.

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