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 Time travel in the past, parallel worlds….time loops. We heard about this but actually what is a time loop?

A time loop is a phenomenon when some periods of time are repeated and re-experiences by somebody. The person trapped in a time loop is trying to break out this cycle. So…More simple are some events that happen, again and again, many times. They can be forever, infinite or the cycle can be broken. A time loop can be started at a certain moment, event, and somebody’s death.We see it in many sci-fi movies also and we love it 🙂 Who didn’t see The Looper?:)

How can this happen?time loop


I will give you an explanation as simple as I can. We know that light can bend space-time fabric and gravity. When this happen and space-time is bent, two points get merged and they are only one point.Like this, we will have a loop. But there is a problem. Only black holes have the power to bend so much the space-time, light doesn’t.

We know it is not easy to create a wormhole and it is not yes possible but what if nature gives us one? what if one appear in a certain place?

There is a theory that laser beams can bend space-time fabric to this point but everything is just in theory until now.

 A real story?

I don’t know if you have heard about the story of the 23 years old British young man which was trapped for 8 years in a time loop? He dropped out the University because of this continuous deja-vu.

This boy didn’t want anymore to see tv or read newspapers because he said he knew everything. Doctors were shocked because they didn’t find any sign of a neurological condition.

The conclusion was that panic attacks could start this phenomenon.time-space

A psychology expert, Dr. Christine Wells said that this is the first case when a person is experiencing déjà vu continuously (for 8 years). The patient had many psychological tests and brain scans and they didn’t find any major problem. He started to have this déjà vu from 2007 when going at the university. He had an anxiety for germs, fear, and he started to wash his hands very often. After a while, he took a break from his studies. Then, everything started.

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In the beginning, the episodes lasted only for a few moments, later longer and longer. He claimed that was very frightening. In 2007 he returned to the university and the déjà vu feelings start to be very strong. He claimed that he was trapped in a ‘time loop’.

Once in a holiday, he said that he already knew the place and what will happen there. In 2008 he wants to the doctors, he took some epilepsy tests but everything was normal.

In 2010 was examined again, because this experiences of déjà vu didn’t stop, and become more intense.

Academics from UK, Canada, France, came to study the case, but nobody knows for sure what happen and how this déjà vu started. Dr. Wells made a lot of research and she wanted to understand if there is any link between the clinical anxiety and this persistent déjà vu.

So this is just a strange story…or a boy trapped id a time loop?

More about time looptime and universe


There are two kinds of time loops as our scientists claim. One is a predestination paradox which occurs when events in the future trigger certain events in the past. The second one is the ontological paradox in which an object or information creates its past self or even becomes its past self.

But about paradoxes, I will talk in my next post because are enough to say and I don’t want to confuse you now:)

There is a question here. The body or the spirit or let’s say the consciousness loops?

When you are in a time loop, things are normal until a certain point and then the start repeating over and over. At that moment you memories are reset. You don’t remember things. And the same things happen again and again…without ending.

It is possible our consciousness to jump in the past at a moment when something happened and we want to change it but…we don’t have our memories so we don’t know what we have to do? What if the dreams you have are from other lifeline and also your déjà vu?

Another time loops stories? Some real experience told by friends

A young college boy, a few years ago was sitting in the university parking in his car, reading a book for the next class.A city bus drive by, with only one passenger. A lady was passing the street with her dog, exactly in front of the bus.The driver shouts something but they are lucky and pass the street safely. The young boy, open again his book and read his lesson.

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After five minutes the same scenario happens: the bus with one passenger, the lady with the dog, the shouting driver… This happens for a few times.Of course, the boy freaks out and he sends a text to a friend.His friend advises him to drive the car for a few minutes and come back. Fortunately, this helped and the loops stopped

Later on, something else happens to the same boy. Next day he put his alarm clock at a certain hour to wake him up. he wakes up but he things to have a few more minutes.he fell asleep again and he wakes up fresh. Looking to the clock…was the same time as it was when the alarm started. But ok…he wakes up…and that goes to gym.he look at his watch when he gets on the treadmill.The boy runs for a few minutes and then he stops to take a bottle of water. Looking at his watch…was the same time like he started the workout.Strange?

So, my friends do you have any other stories or experiences of time loop? Had anyone felt something like this?

I would like to hear your opinion and if you have any questions I am here to answer to you 🙂

Nice to have you here again and thanks for reading:)


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Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

I would love to hear from all of you who are also interested in this subject. Movies? Science? Book? Literature?

Whatever your interest is, I would love to meet you.


  1. Ryan

    I love returning to this site. Had to leave a comment before I dive in to watch the video.
    I’ve always had these feelings and ideas but you know, who do you share these ideas with? People generally can’t see past their own noses so getting them to imagine time being anything other than a clock on the wall is a challenge.
    One thing I pondered about the British lad. Do you think that the Deja Vu occurred because, although his memory was blank, his body remembered the actions he had taken and that caused the repeat effect? It makes me so curious.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Actually even scientists could.t explain it / His brain shows no neurological problem ,no psychological issues. Except of germs fear …he was totally healthy.I think you can find site like mine or other groups on face book..I don.t know…where you can share your thoughts with people who will understand you and have the same ….mind. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions i am here.


  2. Hari S Nair

    Wow Cristina,

    That’s a very interesting post; I loved it and read it completely. I choose to believe in unlimited possibilities. The stories you have talked about here, a person with 8 years of déjà vu and this guy who sees this lady with the dog are some cool examples of time loops.

    Well, I have never experienced anything like that or maybe it would be better to say I don’t remember going through a time loop but time travel is something that fascinates me a lot.

    I have heard of a few time travel stories, including one famous story where a person travels into the future and dies there, afterwards the cop who was in charge of the case finds out that long ago this person one day walked out of the house and never came back, the mysteriousness of this case made this cope to hide the facts he found, that was one of the best ones I ever heard, his name was Rudolph Fentz.

    Awesome post, thank you!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I am very glad that you did enjoy it 🙂 I know about Rudolph Fentz and here is my article about him if you are interested in more detail.

      Indeed it is very interesting this 8 year deja vu. I have many times experienced deja vu but no so strong. I will sure learn more about the deja vu feeling in the next days. It is amazing how the human brain works 🙂

      Anyway…Thanks for reading and for your comment and if you have any more questions,just ask 🙂


      1. Abram Laau

        my case is the same as this college boy and just as serious and maybe worse, I am in distress as in the previous times loops, the end times are coming

  3. john

    This is a time-loop 100% if this article was published on 1 March as i have read it before no sarcasim i’m serious.

    I believe i am stuck in a time-loop but it’s over 8 to 10 year period

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      If no sarcasm…I just publish this article. Why nyou think over 8 to 10 years? more details?

  4. Rodney Parks

    Light bending space and time is a complex theory, light can bend space and time but gravity does as well and even though some scientist claim light doesn’t have mass, there is too much evidence that it does. Light can be bent and manipulated by space and time as well as black holes. Black holes are gravity wells and suck anything in that has mass, no matter how minuscule it may be. Obviously black holes suck in light because it has mass, of course black holes absorb energy and light’s energy is that of photons.

    Space and time are really the same, time is just another dimension like width, height, depth, well at least to our perspective. I believe we think we perceive time loops but I really think that some people can see time as it is. Time isn’t linear, there really isn’t a beginning or end. We see the start and finish due to the limits of views and understanding but time is like a universe of its own. Déjà vu isn’t happening because of a loop per say but because at moments we can see every day of our lives. These are so brief of moments that you really can’t remember them but once in a while a moment will stick out more than another, thus causing that déjà vu feeling. For some people, they can start seeing this crossover or retain longer sessions of crossed over time and this can cause them to get stuck in this loop. Imagine that is all these people we claim to have Alzheimer’s are really people that can lose grasp of their current time line as we understand it and drift into other plains. I don’t think at our current of understanding of time, we can handle this phenomenon.

    This is a very good article and topic, it raises so many theories and concepts. It is nice to see others are interested in something other than football or reality shows..

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      This is a good theory and I think you are right, the gravitation of black holes pulls every particle, pulls the matter and we know that it pulls the light so…light might have mass.What do you think about time? has particles, has mass, has atoms? Is it matter? Yes I think you are right we are not ready to understand what time is and how it works but once we can ask to this question…What is time?… We can make big progress.
      I am interested in time travel since I was a child and the fiction part of it ( movies books) but also the science behind it. I would love to know more and every day I try to learn more.Anyway,whatever i learn, i will let you know in posts:)
      Thanks for your comment and for visiting my site.

  5. Amy

    This is truly fascinating and I am excited to read more…! You have quite an extensive knowledge about all of this, and thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Thanks, Amy :))Again:) I just have a passion for Time Travel and this made me research, to read, to learn. And to be honest I learn every day more and more. it is a subject that every day brings new things. I wish I learned more physics in school:) and be a scientist now working at CERN:)
      Thanks for visiting my site and I wish you a very nice day 🙂 If there is something you want to know about…just ask me 🙂

  6. Dira

    Wow! This changed my perspective on what I thought a time loop was. There is a complicated science behind it. It is very interesting to read about predestination and ontological paradoxes. One thing I am curious about (actually is a question I got and I don’t know how to answer it so if you could help me that would be awesome): How do we determine that we have experienced a time loop and did not have a weird dream instead?

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Good question:) Actually a time loop is normally not just for seconds. But you can watch your clock see if the seconds are moving. If not, you dream if are moving is a reality
      Time loops also can be for a longer period of time, maybe days. Don’t confuse them with the Mandela effect or Deja vu.
      If you experience it you will know it. You will be totally out of your ordinary world, things in your life will be different than you know.
      Thanks for the reading and if you experience a time loop let me know:)

  7. Hiyori

    I know it already what u said but thanks for telling that.i that we cannot stop a time loop is wrong to say.A person can stop deja vu feelings but with right guidance from previous events even though that person doesn’t remember anything but time loop still can be stopped.
    And u told about 23 years British young boy story . I think is fake because if a person cannot remember anything in time loop but still has deja vu feelings, that can be true. but the person remembered everything and continued it for 8 years dejavu is kind of fake because the people who can remember stuff like that are robots,time travelers etc.robotic humans,time traveler can tell stuff like that because they can travel through time and can find out what’s happening with time and human robots can also know that because their memories cannot get reset like human memory does.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      If the story of 8 years deja vu is fake, i don’t know but happened for real.Everybody can have their own opinion buy i think if there were time travelers they would remember their life. Human robots you are talking about, can easily be reset and also human memory can be reset. So…I don’t say that is for sure true but i even can’t sat is fake.
      Thanks a lot for visiting my site and stay close for update.
      have a nice day

  8. Gary

    With the sutent trapped in a time loop for 8 years, did anyone ask him about upcoming events? If he knew everything because he’d looped so often, his knowledge of future events should have been easily tested and confirmed by the researchers. Deja Vu is supposed to be a glitch in the brain where what’s perceived is not in sync with what’s experienced. I’d believe a brain malfunction is the cause of the student’s experience before a time loop.

    The problem with loops, as you point out, is that you don’t know that you’re in one because your memory resets each time it restarts. But every sci-fi show and movie about time loops always has something that alerts one character to something being off and somehow leaving a message for the next time loop so that it is eventually broken.

    Groundhog Day is probably one of the best time-loop movies of all time. Depending on the source, Phil connors was in that loop for anywhere from 10 years to 10,000 years.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I loved this film, Groundhog Day and you are right about the person’s memory. if you are in a time loop you don’t remember this but you have a few signs , few flashes of old memory.
      The student did many medical tests…was nothing wrong with his brain, this was the problem.
      Thanks for reading my article and visiting my site.:) stay close for more updates.
      Have a good day

  9. DianneBee

    What a coincidence, reading this today. I just finished a novel “Timebound” by Rhysa Walker. It is first of a series. It involves some of the elements you discuss above. Yet, it is really hard to grasp it somehow. Still, makes good stories!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello Diane,
      Timebound sounds like a good read. I will try to find it. Thanks for a nice idea:) Do you believe that people can live a time loop?
      Thanks for reading and have a great day:)

  10. Yvette

    This is very interesting and I enjoyed reading your article. The stories you share here are amazing. I was just speaking with someone I know about this very thing a few days ago. I can now share with him the term “time loop” because it seems that is what he was referring to in our discussion. Thank you for posting this!

    Kind Regards,

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello Yvette, thanks for reading my article and i am glad that you did enjoy it:) Tell me what was your friend opinion and i am looking forward to see you next time here on my site. Have a good day.

  11. Jason

    Let’s say a feedback loop exists between the possibilities and the collective imagination. Then everything between then and now is part of the unveiling of the hidden knowledge and the liberation of humanity.

  12. April

    I’ve experienced something similar to this. It was extremely bizarre, but I ended up living the same day twice. Now, this was back when I was still in school, and I clearly remember that it was a Wednesday. First, I took a test about the solar system, and I misspelled ‘Mercury’, so I got that one question wrong. Then at lunch, I had a fight with a friend over Pokemon cards (because those were still cool then). At the end of the day, I ended up running out for the bus five minutes early and got in trouble because I accidentally mistook the time.
    Somehow, the next day was exactly the same. It was Wednesday again. I took the exact same test, had the exact same fight at lunch, and made the same mistake of running out early.
    I know for certain that this happened; I remember it like it happened yesterday. I’m not really sure if anyone else realized it though. I couldn’t exactly walk up to someone and ask, “Oh, hey, have you noticed how we just lived Wednesday twice?”, because then I’m sure they would think I was completely insane.
    Is there anyone else who experienced anything like this?

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      It is a very interesting comment i have here April…So…you did the same spelling mistake at your test?I really believe that one can experience a time loop. I did it my self when i was small and i thought was just my idea until i grew up and I understood a few things.This and other similar stuff made me to be interested in time travel.Thanks for sharing with me your experience and for sure i wouldn t believe you are insane. I believe was a strange feeling,wasn’t it?:)
      Nice to meet you April and was really interesting to read your story.

  13. Jessica

    Just came across your article so I am reaching out for possible assistance. I seem to have a mystery on my hands and honestly I’m a little freaked out. I will try and keep this as brief as possible so here goes. I am moving in 3 weeks so I’ve been going through things to lighten the load and get rid of things I no longer need. In doing this I was cleaning out a box of old pictures,papers,journals,etc. I made a trash pile near by and tossed an old journal in it. Well as I was getting ready to bag them up a few days later curiosity got the best of me and I decided to read the journal. Upon reading it I began to come across something strange. It seemed sort of insignificant at the time but the next day it was bothering me so I started talking about it with my husband and family. I attended a weight loss center when I was 13/14 years old in 1997/1998. I specifically remember this time and I have pictures to prove my weight loss at this time. This is a fact that in my mind is absolutely non negotiable. But upon reading my journal from 2002, I am documenting myself going to this center at that time..in 2002 that is. In 2002 I was a Jr in high school…and I did not go this center in high school. I asked non leading questions to my mom and brother and they both say what I am saying and find this situation very strange. There are so many supporting facts and memories that I attended the center in 1998 and not in 2002. My pictures from around 2002 do not support a weight loss during this time. Naturally I am trying to rationalize how this could be so here are a few things I have come up with..maybe I went to the center twice and just don’t remember the second time at all..maybe we are all remembering wrong and I just went in 2002..maybe I was lying in my journal about going..although possible, none of these make sense at all. There are details but I’m trying not to write a book! So my brother got curious and wanted to see the journal, and as he was reading he began to point out some things. I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon with all of these, but they are honorable mentions. There is a code I put in one of the entries. The whole entry that day just seems strange and cryptic but it says “I think I’m 62526..nobody should be able to decode that”. I literally have no idea. The rest of the entry after that basically says I want to have a stand up comedy act of my life like Andy kauffman..and something like I like when the teacher says jump we say how high. None of this makes any sense to me. Another thing he noticed was time lapses and strange things following the 11th day of the month. Then all of the pages are dated year 2002 except for 1 in May that is dated 2001. Could be a typo..most probable explanation of that. But it is ironic in my next entry I start out by saying..its been so long since I have written and there’s so much I need to talk about…even though the actually gap is only 11 days from the may 2001 and 2002 entries. So I will just stop here because I think you get what I’m getting at. Do you think this is evidence of a Mandela effect? I know what I know and I also know I am not crazy even though this all sounds really out there. I know just a little about quantum physics and I do believe there certainly could be parallel universes..im just not sure what to make of this. In closing I want to ad that today I tried to contact the weight loss center to see if they still have my records. I’m waiting on a call back. If you have made it this far thank you so much for your time and I’m hoping you will be able to shed a little light.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello Jessica,
      really your story is strange and I would like to help you, Do you remember the name of the weight loss center? You can check your name there. Maybe 2001 was just a typo as you said but really..you don t remember when you got slim and beautiful?you should remember as a school girl..is important for us at that age.try to find out and try to remember what grade were you..try to ask some friends of yours at that time and check the institute. let me know pls..Thanks for writing to me:) Let s solve it:)

  14. Syd

    In 2015 I created a wormhole in my living room. I want to say it was by accident, but everything I studied outside of school would prove that to be false. Anyway, I ended up in a time loop.. somehow music was involved and it helped me control it. I didnt know this experience was coming, its only looking back on it that I can see how it happened. But anyway I saw events repeated, I was very scared but it was the Beatles and The Grateful Dead that gave me the power to reset the loops until eventually I broke through. I know how this sounds and I dont care I couldnt leave this page without leaving a comment. Especially to thank the author. Believe it or not this stuffs not only hard to talk about (since most don’t care), but dangerous. It makes you sound like a crazy person and thats a risk to your freedom.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello Syd , I don t think about you as a crazy person and i resally want to hear your story. Pls email me with more details . Thanks


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