Rendlesham Forest Message

Are there time portals just here, near us? Was this the Rendlesham Forest message?

Strange lights had been seen in the Rendlesham Forest in 26 December 1980 and Jim Penniston and his team decided to investigate the strange phenomena. Jim was a Sergeant and was working with a team of brave men at RAF Woodbridge.

About 3am and after a Christmas Night, they ventured into the forest to solve a mystery. What was their first thought? The strange lights that were visible in the forest were thought to be burned debris, a downed aircraft or something along this line.Rendlesham forest

What Did Penniston Find?

Penniston and his team didn’t believe it was something worth all the attention but instead they found a craft different from the once they knew. He just couldn’t identify this craft which had no landing gear and no windows. Some strange symbols were carved on its frame looking like some hieroglyphs or some cryptic code. He thought it was something from a secret experiment or perhaps a secret military mission.

A strange blue light was glowing from the ship and he saw a black object with a triangular shape. It appeared metallic or made of glass and was glimmering with blue and red lights. It was nothing like what he knew, a very strange craft.

Another strange thing he noticed was there was no sound in all the area. Everything just stoped like frozen. There was no wind blowing, not the sound of a animal or bird, nothing at all. Also, when they checked their watches the service men noticed that time had slowed down. Their watches were all wrong. Having the impression that they had stayed just for a few minutes in the area, actually many hours passed. He wrote about all these memories in his book ‘Encounter In Rendlesham Fores’t published later on in 2014.

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Penniston, on his research touched the hieroglyphs with his hand and at that moment he went into a trance like he was covered in a bright white light and he lost his consciousness. When he woke up he was still there near the craft which was glowing and then it just vanished at an alarming speed.

The next day he had some visions, images of many numbers containing 0 and 1. He didn’t know what those meant but he wrote them in his diary with the hieroglyphs from the craft.

Later on in 2010 he revealed his notes from that night in an interview for the History Channel program Ancient Aliens.

With the help of Linda Howe, Penniston discovered that his numbers along with the hieroglyphs were actually a binary code. When they translated it, it revealed the following message:

The Rendlesham Forest Message

So could this be a message from the future ? Aliens maybe or really time traveler from 8100? The numbers you see were actually coordinates of some significant locations here on Earth: Caracol (Belize); Sedona (Arizona) Pyramids Of Giza; Nazca Lines (Peru); Tai Shan Qu (China) Portara (Temple of Apollo In Greece Nexos) and the phantom island in HY BraSil.

What is the importance of those locations? Maybe portals to another dimension or another time? Was this a true fact or, a time travel story?

Lieutenant Charles Halt

On the 28th December 1980 Lieutanant Colonel Charles Halt with a few of his men, visited that strange place and measured the radiation level and it was higher than in other places. At the time of the investigation in the night sky, Halt claimed he saw three lights, similar to star lights located two to the North and one to the South. He also said that on of those star lights, the brightest one beamed a stream of light down to the area of the incident periodically. The scientific explanation of the astronomers was that the three lights were just bright stars.

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Charles Halt wrote a memorandum in 1981 under the title ‘Unexplained Lights’ This was published in 1983, and was actually the first evidence released to the public. He claimed that he actually saw an extraterrestrial craft, a fact that was that covered up.

My thoughts

I know the opinions are shared but is it possible that this craft came from a far future? Could Penniston and Halt be so wrong?

Share with me your thoughts and if I can bring you more info I will soon. Any comments and questions are welcome.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the video below.


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Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

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  1. Seun Afotanju

    indeed a peaceful species of ET may choose to not reveal themselves because they are avoiding what they anticipate as a conflict – maybe they know 100% for sure there will be a conflict, if they are forced to defend themselves they would destroy our planet most likely. imagine what disaster that would be? 

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I do understand and I agree with your point of view. the humans for sure will not be so very friendly:) and they will be nosy in their civilization and world. I think you are right.I am glad that you enjoyed my article and glad to see you back on my site.


  2. Ola

    This is a lovely story and i took my time to read through without leaving a sentence unread. From my own thought i dont think pennison and halts were wrong because if we are also in the same shoe we would surely arrive at similar conclusion but it seems halts proposition is much more valod than that of pennison

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Thank you for reading and i am glad that you did enjoy it:) I agree with your opinion about Pennison and Halts. This is a strange story and are many different opinions. Thanks again and you want to read more, thare are plenty of time travel stories and legends on my site. Have a great day.

  3. Michael

    What an incredible blog post!. I have been following your post for a while now.I really love the way you outlined the reviews of ‘your time travel’.I must say this is an eye opener; I cannot help but agree with everything that you had writtenThis is the most extensive article i have ever read.Thanks for your indepth analysis.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I am glad that you did enjoy my article and i try my best to provide as much information as i can. I love time travel and it is a hobby for me to research every details:)))

      Thanks again and see you soon on my site.


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