The Mystery Of Stonehenge

Strange places, many secrets, unsolved mysteries are in every corner of our planet.  Today I will tell you about the Mystery of Stonehenge and is up to you what you believe, how you see this monument. Only if you think the way was built this monument it is an unanswered question. How and who built the Stonehenge?Is it a time portal or just an an ancient site with an astronomical purpose ?

When Where And How?Stonehenge

Stonehenge is located in Salisbury, on a plain plateau with no forest or town nearby. Two concentric circulars of stone pillars are rising from these plains/ The heaviest one weight around 150 tones. These stones were brought there from a distance of 500 miles away by an ancient culture.

The first stone was brought there around 2600 B. C from the west wales. There were blue stones. Two hundred years later the blue stone circle was taken down and put in the center on the stone ring showing that they had a symbolic importance.

Then, another circle of blue stone was added and closed the whole monument. 4000 year Stonehenge was neglected, declining. Until in the 1950s when archeoastronomers discover it and start to study it.

There is question nobody found the answer yet. How this Neolithic civilization could bring so heavy stones from such a big distance?What technology they had?

One theory says that these stones were transported by water and that on the land by a log roller system, direct to the Stonehenge. But anyway, with the technology they had at that time nobody could find any evidence to prove this theory or a way to show how was done.

Looking how difficult was and what technology was required for the transport of the stones and building of the monument, some think that a civilization or a group of people which had high building knowledge came there helping and organizing the local primitive communities and passed them their skills.

Each stone fits into the other with precision and what is unique is that horizontal stones engineered so they were flat and formed arches and the stones were shaped into flat block. This couldn’t be done by a Neolithic civilization, without metal, without technology.

Scientists think that this monument was a solar calendar but also an eclipse predictor. It could predict events on the night sky, patterns’ on a century time scale.

This ancient civilization could track with the help of Stonehenge Venus, maybe mars and different phases of the Moon.

In the heart of Stonehenge is a heel stone which was lost and recovered after a while. This heel stone show the place where the sun rises on the longest day of the year.

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What makes Stonehenge a Portal

Stonehenge renderIt is situated in the center of an alignment of 14 major land lines. These lines meet together at Stonehenge and make this monument a vortex, a portal of energy.
By drawing an imaginary line between two ancient churches you can locate these lay lines. For a powerful source of energy churches were built usually on ancient sites. A good example is Winchester Cathedral and also Avebury where an entire village is built in the middle of a hedge.

Alfred Watkins in his book The Old Straight Track published in 1925 first mentioned the term lay lines. he claims that all the ancient sites were formed or constructed across the landscapes of Britain in a given alignment.

What was Stonehenge used for?

There are different opinions for the use of this ancient monument.

First we will start with its astronomical use. Stonehenge was as we said a solar calendar and an eclipse predictor. This Neolithic civilization had a culture believing in the Sun Worship and they built their monument related to this planet, this source of life and energy.

One way to explain this is the connection of the sto9nehenge with the river Avon and this connection aligns with the sun on the winter solstice. The monument also faces the summer solstice. Both these astronomical events are celebrated there today.

There are archaeological proofs that in December and January, celebrating the winter solstice, pigs were sacrificed at the Stonehenge.Stonehenge sunrise ceremony

Talking about Stonehenge use Gaffney said in an interview for Live science;” It’s part of a much more complex landscape with processional and ritual activities That go around it.”

Stonehenge also had a burial use. A few decade sago, in Bavaria was something discovered that proved its burial purpose. Was an artifact from a very rich cast chief called nebra sky disk dating from the Olympic was ceremonial artifact but had engraved constellations and sky patterns which show us the knowledge of astronomy that this Neolithic civilization had.

So these monuments is possible was a burial place for the important persons of that time. Scientists analyzing the bone fragments found at Stonehenge, they reveal they were buried 3000BC. They also found a bowl and a mace head used to burn incense. This show maybe that the people buried had a political or religious role in the community.

Other archaeological discoveries proofs that there was settled a community, a large number of houses.Stonehenge was maybe part of a larger ceremonial complex. The River Avon maybe was separated the world of living from the world of dead.

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Now,another opinions about the use of Stonehenge is that it was a healing place.

Archaeologists Geoggrey Wainwright and Timothy Darvill in 2008 revealed that skeletons dating from the Stone age found at Stonehenge showed injuries and signs of illness and also a skeleton of a person comming from Switzerland ( today ) shows that people from long distances used to come to Stonehenge for its healing powers.

The blues stones were supposed to have those healing properties and was thought at that time that they were brought by some ancient civilization with healing knowledge. Small pieces of blue stones were made talismans from ancient people to protect them.

But finally,after so many researches nobody knows exactly what was the purpose of Stonehenge.

A myth or real story?

I will tell you a story and you will decide if is real or just a myth. It shows the mysterious power of this place.

Was in August 1971 when a group of hippies decided to camp there, to light a fire and spend a nice night., singing, smoking around the camp fire. About 2 am, a storm started from nowhere. A thunder crashed in the Salisbury Plain with bolts of light hitting the trees and the stones.

There were two witnesses which have seen the bolt of light striking the stones and both claimed that the stones light up with a strange blue light but they had to protect their eyes and didn’t look more. Both heard the campers screaming in fear but when they went there to help, expecting to find people injured but nobody was there. They found only some tent pegs and the remains of a campfire.

So what happened to the campers? maybe the postal opened with the help of the energy from the thunder and they were dragged in another world?

So… What is your own theory? What exactly is Stonehenge? Where did these campers disappeared? Where does its energy come from? I would really like to hear your thoughts.

Watch this video and tell me if you DO BELIEVE STONEHENGE IS A TIME PORTAL.

 For further reading,more legends ,more videos,more information click below and you will find many interesting things



Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

I would love to hear from all of you who are also interested in this subject. Movies? Science? Book? Literature?

Whatever your interest is, I would love to meet you.


  1. Israel

    Hey Cristina!

    I love that place. My wife and I went on vacation to th UK a couple of years ago and visiting it was a must for us.

    When we were approaching the location we started seeing the stones and got very excited.

    But it was when we arrived to the circle that we started feeling a very warm sensation. Everybody was wearing coats and we had just a T-shirt on. We were like: What is going on?

    We searched it and, as you say, the energy there is real and powerful! It’s not that we’re special or something, but we practice reiki and we both felt our hands on fire the moment we arrived there.

    What I didn’t know is that it was a portal. That is really awesome!

    Have you been there? Have you felt something similiar?

    Loved the post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Did you really felt the energy? This is amazing. I read and research so much about but I didn’t go. I will soon. Can you tell more about reiki? 

      I think doing reiki you did open your mind, your aura ,you learnt to feel this things. 

      Yes, this energy that you felt,can create a portal to other dimensions. At least this is said.Would you pass through this kind of portal if you had the chance. There are more places on earth considered possible natural time portals.

       You can click the link and see more about.

      Have a good day and tell me more if you had other experience like this.


  2. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    One of the biggest mysteries on Earth. How can we believe anyone or anything at all? So many different opinions

    Never heard of the story you mentioned here, about the campers and how they disappeared. These are the exact stories that make my body freeze. It’s like watching a bad, a really bad thriller.

    I will continue to believe that Stonehenge was a place for healing purposes and I’d like to visit it soon in the future with my family. I’ll make sure we’re going there as part of a group of people.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Yes, Tasos, i also believe was a place for healing but you have to think why had this power? maybe is true that the blue stones were brought from and ancient civilization with healing  knowledge and powers? Shouldn’t be a bad thriller:) Maybe is a magnetic field, an energy source as they say and this is why happen things like this. You know even the healing can come from this. 

      I hope I will go also soon to visit it:) many people tell me that they really felt the heat when they visit the place. Is real its energy .If you will go tell me your impression and tell me if you felt anything.

      Thanks for visiting and have a good day.


  3. Megan

    Hi Cristina

    thank you for a great article about Stonehenge. I’m taking a holiday later this year to the UK with my children and this is on our must-see list! You have inspired me to find out more about the history behind it before I go. Do you know if there are visiting restrictions to protect this historical site?

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      There are visiting restrictions on certain area. have a look here

      I hope you will have a great time with your family and let me know if you felt its energy, You are welcome and anything you need just ask:)

      Stonehenge is an amazing place and i will surely go soon. I just didn’t have the chance.

      Thanks for visiting my site and stay close for updates.

      Have a good day.


  4. mike

    Great article on the mystery of stonehenge. For me Stonehenge is interesting, but it doesn’ intrigue me to wonder what the purpose is or how they managed to accomplish the great feat.

    What does intrigue me about Stonehenge and wonders of the world is the fact that we somehow believe that we are smarter or more intelligent than people were in “ancient times”?

    We aren’t any smarter today than the first people on earth; only technology has evolved not people. So when I think about Stonehenge like that, however they got it done just meant that someone sat and pondered on the idea until he came up with the first idea.

    And to tell you the truth, I doubt if his first idea worked? But just like we would accomplish something today, they just kept on keeping on. Thanks Christina

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Of course, nobody talked about smarter people…maybe more advanced civilizations? How they had such a technology to do those things like Stonehenge, PYRAMIDS….and other .You would think that thousands of years before you couldn’ t find the constructions Technics and the technology is today.

      Thanks for reading my article ad see you soon for updates.


  5. Remy

    intriguing article Christina,
    I have been to stone henge many years ago now and it didn’t take long for me to recognise and feel the power of the place.
    We certainly have a lot to learn from out past but I get the impression that someone somewhere is trying to supress most of the ancient knowledge that could help us all now.
    Apparently there are older sites in Ireland similar to stone henge that pre-dates it.
    I had never heard the time travel stories though.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello Remy,

      You really felt it? You felt the energy of this place? I agree with you many things are kept secret from us, many things thou are not yet understood. The ancient civilizations have still to much to teach us and to reveal.

      Thanks for reading my post. I never have been at Stonehenge but i will soon.

      Have a nice day,


  6. Chris Towers

    I think it is important what you are talking about here.

    A lot of people visit his place, and then walk away again without realizing the history and the importance of what it has to offer.

    This is very interesting, as is all of your website. I had a good look around, and I love what you are doing.



    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello Chris,
      I agree with you, when you visit a place of such a historical importance you should know the story behind, not just look around.Now, about the legends related, the campers story and about why and how was built Stonehenge are many different opinions and of course each person is entitled to have his own thoughts and opinions about this monument.Thanks for visiting my site and I am glad that you fond it interesting.
      Have a nice day,

  7. Christina

    I have always wanted to visit Stonehenge! It is on the bucket list. This article and the comments make me want to visit more. I had never heard the campers story before. I would still camp there 🙂 As a very spiritual person, I think this is an ideal venture for me and my husband.
    Your site is very interesting in general. I bookmarked it. I love the articles. Thank you!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Thank you for reading and I hope you did enjoy my article. Indeed Stonehenge is a very interesting and mysterious place, and I have to be honest I didn’t visit it myself. I will very soon:) If you do go there, tell me if you felt its energy, how was the camping.
      The story of the campers is a strange and a very old story.Something created that energy field that night and still isn’t known until today what exactly was.
      Thanks for visiting and stay close for more updates. have a good day.

  8. Todd

    Like many others, it has been a dream of mine to one day visit Stonehenge. The story of the campers and the lightning storm at the end was very interesting!
    It does make one wonder how the structure was built in the first place, and why. It was a huge undertaking. What was the real purpose of the structure? Perhaps one day we will get the truth. Until then we are just left to wonder…and dream. Best wishes!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello Todd,
      I have to be honest are very different opinions about what was the purpose of building this ancient temple. Maybe non of them are true , maybe all.I also didn’t visit but i have it on my program:) i will soon.
      i am glad that you enjoyed reading my article and yes, the story is interesting.When you will visit Stonehenge let me know if you felt its energy, its power.
      have a good day,

  9. robert j. walters

    I believe Stonehenge was a gathering place for ceremonial celebration of food, drink and procreation that could be precisely timed by the Henges orientation to both solstices !!! … children would all be born about the same time 9 months later and mature to adulthood at exactly the same time for expected mates to be of the same age (not too young or too old for making children) … the swiss skeleton proves people from far and away came to experience the revelry and probably brought new technology and items to trade or barter … lapis-lazuli (bluestones) of which the Hebrew 10 commandments were carved are a translucent stone probably brought in to the area from far away by traders to augment the dramatic effect to all that observed the colossal structure … I would love to travel back in time, keep my modern knowledge and still blend in and speak the ancient Gaelic with the crowd !!! would be awesome !!!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Thats wonderful information. Thansk for sharing it:) And, Robert i am really loooking forward to hear more:)


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