Science Theories

Stephen Hawking’s Genius – First Episode

can we time travel

    For years, the human race is searching for answers to some ‘big questions’. In Stephen Hawking’s Genius, we can see that you don’t have really to be a genius to find the answers. Stephen Hawking showed that some…
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The Black Hole In Space-What We Know About It

time travel wormholes

  After reading a few articles, one friend asked me What is the black hole in space so, I decide to write today a few words about it. What is really a black hole? I will try to explain it to…
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Transylvanian Moonrise- Peter Moon And Radu Cinamar

Bucegi discovery

  Transylvanian Moonrise by Peter Moon and Radu Cinamar is an amazing book which describes a collaboration of Romanian and American military troops. In this book, Radu Cinamar uncovers the most exciting archaeological discovery of all times. This book is…
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