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Hello my time travel movies fans 🙂 Yesterday night I watched a wonderful film and I wanted to share it with you. If you didn’t see the ‘Paradox’ time travel movie you should:) Maybe it is not a very new or original concept but don’t worry, I am not talking from the point of view of a cinema critic.

I will tell you my opinion as a viewer and I will not analyze the quality of the production, the screenplay or other things. I will tell you about the quality of the time that I spent watching the movie:)

paradox space

I, personal, really enjoyed it and it kept me with suspense until the last moment. Of course, paradoxes are created by traveling in the past…you end up to not know which one is the real present. This is my feeling. When this movie finished…I really wanted a time machine 🙂 but at the same time… I know it would be a disaster if one would exist and be available for anybody:)

A few words about the film

‘Paradox’ was released in the USA on 15 April 2016, directed by Michael Hurst.

This time travel film was produced by:

-Zoe Bell                          -executive producerZoë Bell

-Chris Conover                 -executive producer

-Barry Gordon                  -executive producer

-Michael Radiloff             -executive producer

-Danny Roth                     -executive producer

-Jorge Saralegui                -executive producer

-Michael Tadross Jr.          -executive producer

-Damiano Tucci                 -executive producer

-Rick Benattar                   -producer

-Nigel Thomas                   -producer

-Edward Carpezzi              -co-executive producer

-Michael Aaron Milligan  -co-executive producer

-Michael Meilander           -line producer

I think now it is time to tell you the story but sorry to not reveal to you all the details but I don’t want to spoil your moments:)

The time travel paradox storytime travel

 A group of scientists, young MIT graduates are working on a time travel secret experiment. Project 880. They want to test their time machine by sending one of the team members one hour into the future. The project is sponsored by a rich man Mr. Landau.

NSA wants to know what is happening behind the closed doors of the warehouse where the scientists are and two agents are outside, waiting for the right moment when Mr. Landau comes and all team is ready to try the new time machine.

Grace, an NSA agent, has been part of the team for two years but nobody knows her real identity, even her boyfriend Jim one of the team members. Who else takes part in this experiment? A young scientist in a wheelchair after a car accident named Lewis, astrophysicist Randy Fraker and a rich boy William are part of the team.

What happened?

 At 11 o’clock the experiment starts and because of a huge amount of energy needed, the entire city has a blackout.

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Jim is sent into the future by one hour and returns telling them to stop the experiment because in the next hour everybody will be dead. But as we all know you can change the future, and from that moment the paradox starts.

Jim tells them that at 12 midnight when he arrived in the future, he saw the body of one of them decapitated and blood everywhere. They try to understand who did this. They couldn’t believe it was one of them.

time lapseJim tells them that he saw a masked man pulling Grace into the elevator and that Lewis gave him a video camera before he dies.

The two NSA agents enter the building but because of the blackout, they can’t take the elevator to the place where was the team.

Landau sends Bill forward to 11 50 pm to see when happened before Jim’s arrival but his head comes back in the present immediately. The best way to stop this is to send one of them in the past, to warn them to not come. Randy disagrees with this idea because if they change the future it will create a temporal paradox.

Looking to what Lewis’s camera had recorded Randy sees his death and decides to take the risk to go and try to stop them coming into the warehouse.

But…WE CAN’T CHANGE THE FUTURE! Randy tries to call Mr. Landau but he can’t find him. Finally, he is killed by the masked man before to be able to contact anyone.

Back in the present, they all try to find out who the killer is. It is sure that the killer should be one of them, and the first one they suspect is Mr.Landau who suddenly disappeared.

Looking through his things they find a disc that proves Landau is from the year 2029, a fact that explains his sudden fortune, his inexistent past…

Of course, I don’t want to reveal to you who is the killer but when finally they catch Landau and interrogate him. He admits that he is from the future but says that he is not the killer.

Landau reveals that behind the whole time travel project and the stock market, is a person called Max Devlin whose identity is unknown in 2029.

Surprisingly, at some point, the killer frees Landau and tells him to press the ‘the red button when the time comes’.

Finally left alive are only Grace, the killer, and Jim. At some point the killer takes his mask off in front of Grace while fighting and who is it? it is a future Jim with a bandage on his eye.

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So …Is Jim actually Max Devlin?

Future Jim takes Grace hostage…. Present Jim jumps through the portal…time and space transporter

Here I will stop. I will not reveal to you the truth. Who is the killer? Who is Max Devlin? You will be very surprised when you will find out 🙂 here is the twist:)

So… enjoy the movie until the last minute, and see if the end is the one you expected. Let me know.


 Zoe Bell – Gale

Malik Yoba – Mr. Landau

Adam Huss – Jim

Bjorn Alexander – Lewis Aberricki

Brian Flaccus – William Wishman

Michael Aaron Milligan – Randy Fraker

Steve Suh – Van Lang

You can see also in alphabetical order:space view

Darren Bailey  – Swat team

Nick Benseman – Swat team

Jonathan Camp – Agen Traxler

Courtney Compton – Agent Vudovich

Dustin Cornellius – Swam Team

Jeese Jacobs – Swat Team

James Logan – Security guard

John Nania – Swat Team

Marlene Ostegaard – Shannon

Eric Perrodin – Swat Team

Zo Zosak – Security guard

The scenario was written by Michel Hurst and the music is by Alexander Borstein.

Something to say

I think you will enjoy your evening watching this movie:). The time paradoxes will make you keep guessing who is the killer, who is Max…

You can observe a few film mistakes if you look from the professional point of view. Is it possible in a building the only means of transportation between the floors to be the elevator? No stairs, no other way?

Bjorn Alexander has difficulties in hiding or not his Norwegian accent.

But as a viewer, I don’t really give attention. I just enjoy the movie.

So, relax on your sofa, see the movie and then tell me your opinion 🙂

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Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

I would love to hear from all of you who are also interested in this subject. Movies? Science? Book? Literature?

Whatever your interest is, I would love to meet you.


  1. Thevin

    Hello Cristina,

    I like how you have written your review. It is very informative and it has given me a good insight on the movie “Paradox” and whether I should watch it or not. I was searching the internet for some good movies to watch and I found your website. Thank You.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      you are welcome 🙂 and i hope you will enjoy it . when you watch it tell me your opinion and if there something you want to know , other movie review…just ask me 🙂

      Thanks for reading and have a lovely evening in front of the tv:)


  2. Juan J Campos

    I stumbled upon this movie over the summer and found it to be a delightful ride from beginning to end.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      i am glad that you enjoyed it 🙂 I love it too 🙂 Here you will find more interesting time travel films:) Thanks for your comment.:)

  3. Andrew

    Hey Cristina,

    Time travel is a subject that really intrigues me, and would be cool to be able to do. Unfortunately, it’s gonna happen.

    But I have seen this film and I really enjoyed it, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but the plot has some great twists in it. I would definitely recommend anyone to watch it, If you like Sci-Fi and or time travel you’ll like this film.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      yes i agree is a great film 🙂 I really enjoyed it . Thanks for reading my review and i am glad that you did had a nice time reading 🙂

      If there is another movie you want to know about….just ask 🙂 Ths film has twists because this is a Paradox. More about paradoxes you can read in my next post .i will try to simple explain how this works:)

      Have a nice day Andrew.

  4. Israel

    Hi Cristina!

    I love everything about time travel and I’m always looking for new movies around this topic. I found interesting how this simple concept can be twisted and stretched to make up new stories.

    I didn’t know this one, but your review and the trailer made me want to watch it right away.

    Thanks for sharing the info and your opinion with us! 😉

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I hope you will enjoy the film, it is really great.  I am always happy to bring news to my readers and now is a new film on Netflix, Cloverfield pradox, now because we are talking about paradoxes:)

      I hope you will have a nice time and if you need more to know have a look at the movies section.I always add new reviews, at least I try . 

      Nice to meet you and stay close for updates.



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