The Black Hole In Space-What We Know About It

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After reading a few articles, one friend asked me What is the black hole in space so, I decide to write today a few words about it.

What is really a black hole?black hole view

I will try to explain it to you in simple words because I am sure we are not all scientists and we want to understand this mystery. Maybe you ask yourself how you can find one to time travel 🙂

The name was given in 1967 by John Wheeler, an American astronomer but the black holes were first predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916.

The first back hole was discovered in 1971.

What exactly is a black hole?

It is nothing but empty space actually. It is a place in space with a very strong gravity that even the light can’t go in. It is a small place where a big amount of matter is squeezed together.

There are three types of black holes: stellar black holes, intermediate and supermassive black holes.

If they are black, how can we see them? Actually, we can’t. They are invisible. Only space telescopes and other special tools can show how stars are acting when they are close to one black hole and this is how we can understand what they are.

What about their size?

Starting from the smallest one, a black hole can be the size of an atom and it has the mass of a huge mountain. These black holes were named by the researchers, primordial black holes.

stelar black hole

The next category is the stellar black holes, of a medium size. Their mass can be twenty times more than the mass of the sun. In the Milky Way Galaxy (our Galaxy) can be found very many, a few hundred million stellar black holes.

Stellar black holes are formed by the collapse of a large star. They consume the gas and the dust from the galaxy and grow in size. Stellar black holes are small but with a huge gravitational force.

They were spotted by the astronomers only when another star goes close to them and the gravitation of the black hole snare the matter surrounding.

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Now let’s talk about the real giants, the supermassive black holes. Their mass is millions of times (or even billions) bigger than the mass of the Sun. The astronomers claim that a giant black hole can be found in the center of every Galaxy. The gas and the matter around them allow them to grow huge 🙂

How were the supermassive black holes formed? … it is not sure. Maybe from many small black holes together or maybe from a group of stars collapsing together?

The last category, the middle sized black holes were believed to not exist until recent evidence from Hubble, Chandra and XMM Newton.

More about…their structure

Black holes have three parts: the outer and the inner event horizon and the singularity.

Yes! I know …. I asked myself the same thing in the beginning. What are these things I am talking about?

OK, let’s say it simply…

The event horizon is the space around the mouth of the black hole, with a huge gravitational force, where the light doesn’t escape. Anything which crosses the inner horizon is not able to leave.

The singularity is the center of the black hole where all the mass is concentrated.

 Do Black holes help in time travel?

world line

 The beliefs were that if a matter enters a black hole it is gone forever but this theory changed.

Experts at the University of Valencia say that if a person goes into a black hole, this portal will cause stretching of the body like spaghetti because of the gravitation and once reaching the other black hole, the exit of the portal they will be shortened to the normal size.

But can a human body resist? Would we be alive? No! Your death will come before you reach the singularity.

But how could be possible then? To time travel in a black hole?

There is one way.

Maybe you heard about wormholes

What is a wormhole? A wormhole is formed from 2 mouths (2 black holes) and a throat connecting them. Einstein predicted the existence of the wormholes in his theory of general relativity but there are a few problems.

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Wormholes are just theoretical passages to space and time that can bring us to other universes and help us to travel in time.

Why just theory? There are dangers? Yes there are a few but also theoretically there is a way to fix problems such as a sudden collapse of the wormhole, dangerous contact with the exotic matter and high level of radiation.

What stopped us?world line

First of all, wormholes are very small, on microscopic levels. Of course maybe somewhere in the unlimited Universe their size increases. This we still look for. It is not impossible.

Einstein’s theory is great, perfect, amazingJ but he didn’t know something. The wormholes collapse very quickly so they have no stability.

How can we solve this? Latest researches found out that if a wormhole contains enough exotic matter it could be theoretically used for time travel. This exotic matter, if is not natural, can be artificially added.

What is the exotic matter you will ask? Exotic matter contains negative energy density and negative pressure.

But unfortunately, today’s technology is not able to stabilize the wormholes.

time travel wormholes

In the next future…who knows…maybe we will find our way to other universes…to stop this barrier of space and time travel. As I said in another article this is one of many ways of time travel that is not cleared yet.

Quantum Tunnelling, Time Wrap Fields, and the Circulating Light Beams are still the only technology that can make possible our journeys through time. But about these, more details will come in future articles:)

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

I would love to hear from all of you who are also interested in this subject. Movies? Science? Book? Literature?

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  1. mariam

    Interesting post, thank you for all the knowledge.
    Since the gas and matter affect the growth of the black hole, is there a chance for them to grow and cover up all the space?
    The creation becomes every day; I believe that and no scientists can come up with a final answer about the space features.
    But why does human want to travel and go to the other side of the universe and stay or live? God created this earth by design for a human to stay and live on this planet.
    I enjoyed reading your article, I went to another page, the site is good. Keep up the good work,

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Good question:) why people want to know what is it further up….. I think the human race has this characteristic. We travel and discovered the Earth piece by piece, decades before,now…when we know all here…we need to know more . Nobody said that we want to live on another planet but we have to be ready when later…if…. something destroys the Earth, our house now, we need to find another house.

      To be honest I don’t think is possible a black hole to cover all space. The space , the universe is infinite…

      Good made the world for us but unfortunately the human race didn’t take care very well about this legacy and this turn around… million years later the earth will die..the human race will can’t live here so…..we must find a way to keep alive human race…to find another place. This is 🙂 And of course, humans always were searching for answers, for new things,…

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Christian

    I have read about black holes once before, but I have never really understood exactly what they were. I honestly passed them up for mere science fiction.

    And I must add, that I didn’t know that they varied in size? Are you a scientist my friend? I must have missed a lot of earth space science in school lol! Great post.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      🙂 yes Maybe you missed a little bit of science:) haha :)No i am not a scientist 🙂 I am just a girl which love science and time travel but a also misses physics classes:) But now…I just love learning more and more :)Thanks for reading and if you need more info ,just ask 🙂

  3. Alex

    I loved how you mentioned the fact that we cannot actually see black hole, which is a fact many people do not know. I am very much into space and time travel so this was a good read for me.

    Wormholes are only stable for a short period of time, another fact people do not know; they destabilize almost instantly! The fact that we may be able to stabilize wormholes with future technology and send humans through them. I’m excited.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I am very glad that you liked my post.The wormholes as i said can be stabilized but we still don’t have the technology I am confident that soon we will :))) But one thing is sure. If we can stabilize the Wormholes,and make them bigger we will be able to space and time travel 🙂 Amazing ?:)

      Thanks for reading and for updates stay close 🙂


  4. kevin

    I like this page, I love how you broke down the explanation of what a black hole is so that even a 8 year old could understand it, also I didn’t know that there are 3 types of black holes, so next time I look it to them a bit more

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      thanks for visiting my site and yes…I try to make it simple for everybody to understand.Not everybody is a scientist but many wants to know more about the subject.thanks again for your nice words and I’d u are interested in something special tell me and I will try to answer:-)

  5. Mubs

    HI there

    you have a very interesting article. Explanation of black holes is very good for a normal person to understand. In regards to time travel, my personal opinion is that it is impossible. Travelling through a black hole and wormholes sounds more like fiction than even a theory at this moment in time.

    Another thing is that black holes are invisible so how would we enter them in the first place?

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello there, maybe you have seen even in the news that scientists have the possibility to understand and to find the black holes. it is not impossible to find them, they have a huge gravity and you find them.

      I am glad that you find my article nice and easy to understand, this is what I wanted:) If time travel is possible or just fiction is personal opinion and each one is entitled to say his thoughts. i am glad that you shared with me your opinion and who know, maybe you are right.

      Have a good day and thanks for visiting.



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