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We all want to know and hope to be real that TIME TRAVEL is possible. I have here for you some true time travel stories that make us think…It is possible, it is true?

Al Bielek -Montauk Experiment and time travel

I think most of you had heard about Montauk Experiment but how many of you know about Al Bielek?I know there are many different opinions if time travel is possible or not, and most of the scientists say that is possible but not for the humans, not yet. This man, tells us something that for sure will make you think.

So, Al Bielek told us many things about the Montauk and Philadelphia Experiments. Montauk, as we know, was a secret governmental experiment conducted in Long Island. Many books and articles were written about it. Bielek claims that his job was to operate the Mind Control Program and he was in permanent contact with Preston Nicolson and  Duncan Cameron, two important scientists involved with this projects.Bielek reveals that one of the Montauk Boys which was working as a programmer, under his command was Stewart Swerdlow.

He is a scientist so why he would be a scam? Why such important persons as Bielek, Duncan, Basiago will lie?

Bielek said that he travelled to Mars with Duncan for a few times, he took part also on a trip with his team in 100000 BC to a research station and also he travelled in 6037.

Bielek took part in a few experiments so he reveals us how he spent six weeks in 2137 and two years in 1749. He spoke about some things that already happened and his story is fascinating.A lot of people don t believe his statements but I wonder if is possible to lie about things like this such an intelligent man? I personally believe him.And you know what? It is more probably to hide something like this from people than to lie that time travel was real. What do you think? I will try to find for you a video with some of his statements and then, just think and tell me what do you think. Listen to the video and see how was or it will be the society in the future.

In a future post, I will talk more detailed Al Bielek’s statements and discuss them with you if you want to.

And now I will tell you more situations that proved us that time travel is possible. Maybe is not yet invented the time machine, maybe scientists are still working but what if time loops just happen, if you just find a natural portal, that, of course, we don’t know and can’t be seen?

1935 pilot flyes to the futurepilot from the past

Sir Victor Goddard, an Air Marshal of the British Air Force in 1935 was a wing commander and was flying to his home Andover (England) from Edinburg,(Scotland). At some moment, at Drem, near Edinburg, he decided to fly over an abandoned airfield, overgrown and were in the past, planes landed, at that moment cows grazed on the hangars were destroyed.Soon a stormed started. In the powerful winds, Goodard lost control of his plane which, nearly crushing start to spiral to the ground.The experienced pilot couldn’t do anything but he realized his plane was going back to Drem. When he was above the airfield the storm stopped and the sun was shining. The abandoned airport now was totally different, four planes were parked on the airfield, the hangars were new. Three planes were yellow, not used in 1935 colour for planes and the fourth one was a monoplane and RAF didn’t have such planes in 1935. Another wired thing was that the mechanics were dressed in blue uniforms, strange because the colour he knows the mechanics’ uniforms have was brown.

Anyway, we made his way back, he passed again the storm and he arrived home.A few years later, in 1939 RAF changed the mechanics uniform in blue colour and start panting the planes in yellow.So…was this a short journey in the future?

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I am sure maybe you read a lot of time travel stories but when you see so many cases, from totally different periods of time and different places, you start thinking that somewhere, something is true. Why in 1935 a professional and experienced pilot to lie about his story?

Anyway here we have another few cases so have a look.

1969 driving in the past

So…was October 1969.Two men. L.C. and Charlie his business associated were driving on highway 167 to Lafayette.The road was almost empty and as they were driving they saw an antique vehicle, very slow and they overtake it.They were surprised and impressed about the perfect condition of the old car, looking like new. they slowed down to see better car thinking that it took part in some antique show.

When they had a closer look, the car was driven by a woman that seemed scared, panicked. She was dressed in 40′ vintage clothes. They could see also a small baby with her. L.C. asked her if she needed help and the woman said yes. Then the two men pulled off to the side of the road to help the lady. When they got out of the car, the old classic car disappeared.

So…how did this happen? You see this make me think something is true here.

The man from Laxaria

In 1850, in Germany, Jophar Vorin, was caught and questioned.He spoke Germain but very broken and was very difficult to understand his statements.Anyway he claims that he was from Laxaria and he was looking for his brother, lost a long time before.

When he was showed a world map to point Laxaria he didn’t recognize the maps. He said that the world map had five sections: Sakria, Aflar, Aslar, Auslar and Euplar.

John Timbs, wrote in the  Year-book of Facts of Science and Art that Vorin really existed, he was questioned and studied in Berlin but my question is what happened after, with him. Where did Vorin go? Was he from a parallel world line, was from a distant future or just crazy?

There are many other stories like this so I don’t think you can say 100% that Time Travel never happened, can you?Listen some more 🙂

British couple’s slip from 1979 to 1900

So, just a simple vacation in the north of France.Two British couple were looking for a hotel, a place to spend their night.They saw a place that looked like a motel but they were told by two men that was an inn and that a hotel was just down the road. On their way, they saw some strange signs for an old-fashioned type of circus.

Later on, they found the hotel, an old fashion building, with heavy wooden furniture and no phones. The rooms had no glasses but wooden shutters and no locks but wooden latches.Anyway, they said is an old-fashioned hotel. the night passed and in the morning they went for breakfast.At that moment two gendarmes entered the room and the couple asked them some directions to Avignon. The two men, wearing old-fashioned uniforms gave them finally wrong instructions. The couple paid the bill to the hotel, a strange amount of only 19 francs and continued their journey.

On their way back they decide to stay in the same very cheap hotel but they couldn’t t find it in the very same spot. When they arrived home, trying to develop the photos taken at the hotel, was nothing in the film, and after a small research they found out that this kind of uniforms gendarmes had in 1905.So, what really happened there?Where just vanished this hotel?

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But as we know time is not linear and some strange events prove that people time slipped in another dimension. Is this possible? Just read and tell me.

More stories

Time Loops

One story was told by a lady, a mother of a baby boy . was a regular evening, she was fixing the laundry in her room, near the baby’s room. her husband and her baby were relaxing in a lazy boy chair and she could see them. At some point, she hears strange sounds from the baby monitor, from the child room. Was a simple baby monitor, not recorder or something, and the sound could happen only at that moment.

Earlier that day she was cleaning the baby’s room, picking up the toys and in the same time she was telling to the boy a story,’Jack and the Beanstalk’ for the first time and he was laughing and answering in baby talk. So, when at that night heard her voice telling the tale, and the baby’s voice, she just couldn’t believe. She called her husband which was holding the boy and he also heard her voice and the baby’s  talk through the monitor and both of them were like shocked.How could this happen?

Was this a strange story that makes you think there are other dimensions and accidentally we can travel through?

I will tell you one more story heard from real people and you just decide what is real and what not:)time travel clock

There was this lady, living with her husband in the deep woods of East Texas and she had been having some medical tests in the hospital.Anyway, three days in a raw she had the same routine ,she was parking in front of the hospital, in the small parking lot, walking through the double glass door leading to the first floor, turning right at the gift shop and than going to the reception to sign in and having a small chat with the receptionist, a young blond woman.There was also a small sitting area where she was waiting, in front of a lab. the door of the lab was always open and she could see the patients, sitting in the same positions, and the same type of chairs and colour that were a year ago when her mother was having her chemo.

She heard a patient making a coment about the ‘new chairs’ and a nurse answered him that the oncology department donated them.

Last day she went for the tests results, this time with her husband. The usual routine, parked, walked in, turned left to the gift shop and then she stopped shocked. there was no waiting- area, no reception desk and blond girl, no lab. In the place where was the lab door now was a wall. A doctor passed and saw her very confused and asked how he can help her. The lady asked where is the place where she checked in for the tests because she wanted her results. laughing the doctor told her that the reception moved at the second floor three years earlier.

So what really happened?

There are many events like this many stories real people tell and f you want more…just tell me. To be honest, what do you think is true about all this? There is somebody here who experienced something similar. a time slip ?if yes, tell me about 🙂

Thank you for reading and see you soon for more info:)

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Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

I would love to hear from all of you who are also interested in this subject. Movies? Science? Book? Literature?

Whatever your interest is, I would love to meet you.


  1. Kevin

    Time travel is fascinating… I think all of us at least once dreamed of going to the past and fix something or going to the future to see how thing will turn out.

    I love time travel, so much that when scientist theorize about the possibility (Or in this case the improbability of it happening) it kills something inside me.

    I think is possible and I also think that people already went to the past or to the future but now, in the time we live in, is so difficult to believe.

    Every piece of evidence might be corrupted by programs like Photoshop, that you don’t know if it’s actually true.

    Let me ask you something… Do you believe is possible to time travel even if the scientific world says it’s impossible?

    How you manage to do that?

    Thanks and have a nice day.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I have to be honest with you, i believe the science and technology are enough advanced to do the time travel journey not public. But also i have to say that i believe that natural portals on the earth or black holes in space can help us do this and sometime i believe happened accidentally. I don’t know for sure but you just asked my opinion:).

      I also believe in accidental time loops. So,tell me you think I am right?

      have a nice day, also:)Anything you need ask:)


  2. RichPersonality

    Time travel is so mysterious… There are so many stories and theories of it happening, it’s hard to understand how could it possibly be true! There are definitely fake stories on the media, but it’s very possible that there are true stories as well. I’ve read quite a few stories on the internet and I find them very interesting. True or not, it still makes you think, what if I could travel in time someday?

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I suppose you are right some of them can be fake but i was thinking that many years before, in the 40s or 30s the  people were not thinking so say lies about this, and not so many. You know there is a say…where is smoke for sure must be a fire:))But…we never know…

      Thanks for visiting my site and of you found it interesting you have more stories like this,and here is another that i would like you to read:)

      Have a nice day.


  3. Tim Johnson

    Hi Cristina

    Enjoyed your post! Time travel is quite an interesting topic. I don’t think we will really know unless we experience it. Sometimes I wonder if we are just like in the movie “Matrix” where we are living out our lives in a so-called dream state of mind. What we perceive will happen!

    I always thought the words to “Row, Row, Row your boat” were interesting when you think about them! Kind of like a “Rod Sterling” way of thinking!


  4. Martin

    Interesting thought provoking post. I’ve loved sci-fi stories since I could first read. Do I think it’s possible, maybe. I’ve not experienced any and like you, have read numerous stories. If I ever get the chance to time travel, I’d like to go back to the important events in the past to see how they really unfolded versus the history that we read.
    Thanks again,

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Hello Martin:)

      Thanks for visiting my site and I have to say here I am with you: I would also go in the past to see few critical moments in the history. It would be great.So as I understand you believe those stories are most..sci-fi not real?I understand,until you don’t experience your self or see with your own eyes you can be 100% sure. You are right:)

      Thanks again and wait you for more stories:) more time travel.


  5. Arie

    Interesting read! I have heard a few stories about this in the past, however, most of these stories I have not heard of before!

    The one in here that I recognize is the man from Laxaria story. I heard about that one in a few Youtube videos, but the rest are new to me.

    Out of these, the ones I find the most interesting are the time loops, considering the fact that it affects more than one person, it sounds more believable.

    Another one that I found interesting was the one in the video talking about Dillon’s Bookshop going to Cripps and seeing everyone from that other dimension except that girl which also noticed when things swapped back.

    My question is, which of these would you say has you the most convinced of time travel being real? I personally am trying not to believe it, but if there are this many events, it could be real somehow!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      This is also my opinion . if you hear so many similar stories, from different parts of the world in different period of time..You start thinking that here something must be true,isn’t it? Personal, i believe also more in time loop, in parallel dimensions. I believe more that time travel in the past is more a journey on another dimension where your self is younger…something like this.

      I can’t tell you for sure, i don’t know about  the existence of the time machine but i believe in natural portals more.

      Thanks for reading and i am glad you did find my article interesting.


  6. Teresa

    Time-travel is such a thought provoking and interesting topic and something I really loved as a kid. Having grown up a bit, it is questionable whether it can be a reality or not as there is so much dis-information out there.
    I haven’t heard of the concept of ‘time-slip’ before and found this quite fascinating as it could explain those who have experienced ‘ghosts of the past’. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I am glad that you loved the post s:) I understand you make a connection of the ghost with the time travelers? I don’t know, i didn’t see it this way.Maybe you tell me more about?

      Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment.


  7. Dira

    How fascinating! I have heard a few stories but most of the stories you mentioned were unknown to me. Sure there may be some fake stories about time travel around but like you I do believe that there is a possibility that a time loop can happen.
    One more possibility that could not be ignored is the possibility of seeing ghosts of people and ghost towns (especially in places where something devastating happened). In the case of the Dillons bookstore, how do I argue with others (who are quick to think it’s about ghost rather than a time travel occurrence) that it is more probable we are talking about a time loop and not a ghost town?

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      To be honest, to give a 100% right answer I can’t. I believe in time travel but also I believe that our souls travel. Is difficult to say. But the Dillons bookstore I think is time travel. The man just enters in the shop and was totally something else when came out, like a portal. Don’t you think?
      Maybe there are fake stories but when you most of them are from a different period of times, different places…I believe are true.
      Thanks for reading and you are welcome for more 🙂 Your time travel journey didn’t finish.

  8. Steveie

    Interesting stories to say the least. I love time travel and these are the first takes of what is called time wrinkles I had ever read. I actually was wondering if stories or accounts of this nature were around. Loving the study of the universe and knowing about the space time continuum, I was thinking that ripples in the fabric of space time cause these events. Maybe caused by super no as that send out or cause a ripple. Perhaps the ripples touch another time line or touch the past time line. Picture an old take cassette playing and the take that has been heard is reeled up on one of the spools. Some event sends a ripple that forces the current line to be pushed with greater force than normal onto part of the past. The bigger the ripple the further back the tape is pushed against the spool of past time. Just a theory. I loan to relive or just see the part of my life that was just 16 years ago when I first met my wife. Some of the happiest days of my life. I know, a little corny.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Your theory is great. I totally agree ,i think our time line, intersects with another one and create a time loop.Would you go back in time the moment you met your wife ? Would you change something?
      The ripple touching the past? Interesting theory. I will think about.The bigger the ripple…the farther in time we can go..Yes,why not?
      Thanks for reading and i am glad that you liked my article . I am happy to find people with he same..ideas like me:)
      have a good day,

  9. Nicusor Albescu

    I think the idea of time travel is more about time slips, where timelines temporarily converge. However the absolute lies and deceptions of Alfred Bielek with his B.S. about traveling to 2137 and 2749, is complete disinformation. If you go to the Bielek Debunked website you will see that they have spent well over 10 years of doing solid research into the claims made by Al Bielek. Every single thing Bielek ever said was a total lie. All the photographic and documented written evidence Bielek provided to embellish his time travel backstory on the Philadelphia Experiment has been analysed and found to be fake.

    When you go to the Bielek Debunked website you will read the stark revelatory truth about how much of a con man and liar Al Bielek actually was, and how he constantly changed his time travel backstory over many years. Now when Bielek told everyone he had time traveled to 2137 and then onto the year, 2749, that outright deception was invented by him many years later after the original Philadelphia Experiment rubbish he made up and eventually segwayed to the Montauk Project. The Montauk Project was the fantastical invention of Preston Nichols and the highly dubious Stewart Swerdlow. Nichols and Swerdlow both wanted to become famous in their own right and wanted the general public to notice them as if they were celebrities.

    You have to remember that Stewart Swerdlow made up his entire backstory about being on the Montauk Project to gain fame and attention for himself. At the Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in February 1999, in Daytona, Florida, Stewart Swerdlow approached Alfred Bielek who was talking with Duncan Roads, the Nexus Magazine editor in the foyer of the main building where the GSC was being held. In front of hundreds of attendees there, and Dean Stonier, the con man Stewart Swerdlow then accused Al Bielek of making up the Philadelphia Experiment. He then reacted aggressively and Bielek and Swerdlow got into a small argument. Alfred Bielek wanted to punch Stewart Swerdlow in the face. Swerdlow then suggested he would like to connect the fake Philadelphia Experiment to his own fake backstory concerning what Swerdlow called the ‘Montauk Project’. Swerdlow wanted to further embellish his fake backstory to make himself look legitimate, after he had been given a criminal record in 1992.

    At the same Global Sciences Congress (GSC) in February 1999, Stewart Swerdlow told over 500 attendees that he had raped and sodomized to death 300 orphaned boys on the Montauk Project between 1970 to 1983. That also was another complete lie made up by Swerdlow. Because Stewart Swerdlow had a criminal record from 1992, he was mainly shunned by the New Age Community and had to invent hugely fantastical backstories to get noticed. Therefore Stewart Swerdlow is most definitely a con artist, a fraud, a charlatan and a disinformer as Al Bielek most certainly was. Now that Al Bielek and Preston Nichols are gone, only Swerdlow keeps the Montauk Project Mythos going as a marketing gimmick at Expansions. His wife, Janet Swerdlow also uses that gimmick to promote their wannabe lifestyles. So time travel might be true, but I would say time slips are really what is going on with that phenomena.

  10. Petrescu DZ

    What I find amazing is, how people seemed to simply believe the Montauk Project was real, when extensive research has proven the science, technology and engineering that were apparently part of the Montauk Project time travel experiments, are all completely false. There have been two Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scans done at Montauk Point and no underground bases or tunnel networks were found there. So how could time travel experiments have taken place on the Montauk Project when the military base never even existed? Preston Nichols made up the Montauk Project time travel experiments lie to get noticed and the johnny-come-lately Stewart Swerdlow then liked the idea’s of Nichols, and therefore decided to reinvent his persona after coming out of prison in 1992. Stewart Swerdlow most definitely plagiarized the Language of Hyperspace material from his social worker, who was a blind, half German, half American Indian lady called Maryanne Johnston. She was a real clairvoyant, unlike Swerdlow, who had real extraterrestrial experiences, where she learned about the Language of Hyperspace material. Swerdlow simply used her knowledge to further embellish his fake backstory. To further exaggerate his false backstory, Stewart Swerdlow even uses a fake Russian accent to further embellish the whopping great lie that he has Russian ancestry and Yakob Sverdlov was his so-called great-uncle. If only people would do a bit of research on Stewart Swerdlow, and then people would realize everything he says is false. The large number of revelations about Stewart Swerdlow reveal he is most definitely a charlatan, a fraud, a liar, a scammer and a con artist of massive proportions who has duped a lot of people with his large amount of deceptions.

    Stewart Swerdlow in his book, Blue Blood, True Blood mentions that much of his knowledge came from employees on the Montauk Project. Well that is plain crappola B.S., because the Bielek Debunked website has proven the Montauk Project never even existed. Stewart Swerdlow learned his knowledge after plagiarizing everything he knows from numerous other researchers on the New Age Circuit and the conspiracy theory world. Stewart Swerdlow knew that by plagiarizing Maryanne Johnston’s Language of Hyperspace information and reusing it, that he could make himself look special. When Stewart and his wife, Janet Swerdlow do their regular YouTube videos where they talk about the daily news headlines, they are just shamelessly trying to promote their disinformation and useless plagiarized products. Now they have started dyeing their hair red again, because Swerdlow believes red hair means someone has strong psychic abilities and Lyraean DNA. I would also add, that I do believe the charlatan fantasist Stewart Swerdlow is running a Satanic Cult to lure people into being mind controlled by his awful teachings, that he has based upon the Montauk Project disinformation. I hope people steer clear of Stewart Swerdlow, because he is a malevolent individual who only cares about his own fake career and prestige. Swerdlow’s farcical story is one huge circus show comprised of his immense egocentric madness and constantly subversive fibbing. Swerdlow has never time traveled and was not involved with the Montauk Project.

    For those of you that would like to have a good look at the real genealogy and family history of Stewart Swerdlow, and not the stupid fictional ego based rubbish he keeps mentioning about his bogus connections to Soviet Russia and Yakob Sverdlov, have a look at the PDF by using this weblink:


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