Time Travel And Mars

Humans in Mars

Would you think I am talking about a sci-fi film? No! Time travel and Mars planet are CIA researches now for about 40 years.A colony on Mars In the future? Or maybe was built a few decades ago? Actually was built in the 60s but in the future. How is this possible? Mind-blowing isn’t it?Terraforming of Mars

We have the claims of a great mind like Basiago, of two former National Security Informants, and of other few people present at those experiments.So I think is worth giving them attention believe it or not.

So Bernard Mendez and Brett Stillings admitted that they were present and part of the jump rooms experiments and they confirmed also the claims of Andrew Basiago about the participation of young Barak Obama ( Barry Soetoro).

They confirmed that in 1967 The US Government had a fully operating time travel facility, Even before humans landed on the moon.Is this possible? How was built this space elevator?It is speculated that after the death of Nicolas Tesla, CIA confiscated all his work about teleportation and the construction of the jump rooms was built on tesla’s quantum access technology.

I will not tell you about the approaching of the next presidents, of CIA, about the Obama’s teleportation to Mars but  If Basiago claims all these, shall we believe him?

Basiago time travel at Gettysburg

Basiago time travel at Gettysburg

Recalling his memories from his childhood Basiago said that his father Raymond Basiago and other important persons in CIA wanted the disclosure of those time travel experiment.

Michael Relfe – The Mars Record

Michael Relfe was in the Navy in 1976 when he was recruited for a secret time travel project. He spent 20 years on one colony, military base on Mars, helping, expanding and maintaining it.Those secret military bases were serving as strategic points for defense and research. How were they kept secret? He claims that they were built in the future and those who were serving and working there were aged-reverse. erased their memory and sent back when discharged.

Michael had a special training, carried out via mind control technology.His training included hipno-programming, advanced psi- training and learning, implants time travel and psi- enhancing drugs.Those details we know from a 300 pages document wrote by his wife, Stephanie Relfe, Named ‘The Mars Record’ She helped him to recall his memory and deprogramme the mind-control programme, using kinesiology and biofeedback learning sessions.His case is very special for this reason.

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Is this real or a sci-fi story? What do you think?

More Disclosure About Mars Secret Project

William Tompkins is a retired aerospace engineer who gave many details about the secret space operation in his book ‘Selected By Extraterrestrials’ and his interview.Tompkins wrote about two space programmes in which he was involved.

First one was his assignment in a german nazi secret space programme during the ww2 named later by Goode “Dark Fleet”

The second one was his involvement in the US Navy Secret Space Programme called “Solar Warden” This project become operational in the 80s. His was working at The Douglas Aircraft Company from1951 to 1963 and he provided the draft design of a huge spacecraft and military bases located extraterrestrial.

Tompkins proved his claims with documents provided in his book and in one interview in  2016, documents which also confirmed his involvement in a Navy Led Espionage programme.

What next?

In 2017 Stephen Hawkins, an exceptional physicist, said that humans days on our planet Earth are numbered, and the only solution is to colonize another planet within the next one hundred years.If not is possible the human race will be extinct.Humans in Mars

Is Mars our new home? Is it possible to colonize the red planet? Twenty years ago NASA sends a spacecraft on Mars, and with the help of one robot, the scientists working at NASA received a lot of information about this planet. Now there are Eight robots on Mars and water was discovered, making possible the human life. Do you think there is hope one day well be there?Not that everybody like the idea, isn’t it?:)

What said Hawkins about this:

“We are out of space, the only place to go to are other worlds.” “The earth is becoming too small for us, our physical resources are being drained at an alarming rate.”

So what we know is that in 2020 a new mission on Mars is planned, launch on July 2020 and landing on the red planet on 2021 February.This is a robotic exploration searching  for signs that this planet is habitable,

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Professor Brian Cox said that for the first time we have the right technology to allow us to turn into a multi-planet civilization.Scientists believe that this will be very soon and that the first person that we’ ll leave on the red planet is already born.Amazing, isn’t it?

What are the plans? There is an organization named Mars one which has plans for a permanent colony on Mars and astronauts are trained from now to make the journey Earth-Mars in six to eight months. This mission is planned for 2031.Astronauts will live in capsule and will wear special costumes which will protect them from the red planet radiation.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, entrepreneur running Space x has a plan for the first mission on Mars in 2026 with specially designed rockets.each rocked is able to transport 100 people but Musk wants to send 1000 in the next 40 to 100 years.

Good news guys or bad? Depends on how each one sees it. DR, Aderin-Pocock said that she will happily retire on the red planet.She is a space scientist and she agrees that Mars is ideal for having colonies on.

So, maybe what Basiago said, that they traveled on a future Mars colony, or Relfe saying that he was 20 years in a Mars military base, built in the future and then sent back in time, maybe everything is true? All those plans to colonize the red planet are not signs that things like this could happen in the future? What do you think? What is your opinion?

And now a key question:

Would you go to a Mars colony to live forever?

Check this video and then tell me your opinion.


Thanks for reading. See you soon:)



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Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

I would love to hear from all of you who are also interested in this subject. Movies? Science? Book? Literature?

Whatever your interest is, I would love to meet you.


  1. Logan Neill

    This was a really interesting article. It really got me thinking about the whole time travel topic and if people really have been able to do so. I have heard of talk about colonizing on Mars but I did not know that there were already plans to go there. This was a very interesting article and was fun to read. Thanks.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I am glad that you like it , Neil. I try to bring the news on the subject:) I don’t know if we will be around to see all these but it’s coming. This is sure.

      Plans are made a long time before to change the planet as long as we destroyed this one but now will become real. Good or not this is the truth.

      Thanks for reading and for your comments . if you need anything to ask you are welcome.


  2. Thomas

    Unfortunately, even if jump rooms and time travel are real we’ll know about them about the same time as alien encounters.

    However, real or no, the article is very interesting. I wouldn’t mind being born to a future where travel to other planets for vacation (or staycations!) are entirely possible.

    I don’t know if I would want to live on Mars unless it was fully colonized personally.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Me personal I would miss m,y Earth:) But not that i wouldn’t try to see Mars:)) i am glad that you did find it interesting thank you for reading. About aliens encounters i wrote a few things if you are interested in the article  Time traveler or Aliens? if you want to read;)

      Thanks again and hope to see you soon:)


  3. denney.

    HI THERE, your gonna think I’m crazy but I believe that “mars” was already inhabited by humans thousands of years ago and then came to earth because of what is happening here has already happened 1000.00’s of years ago. if you look at some photos of mars you can see triangles and even pyramids. maybe I am crazy but that’s what I believe and I love this site now and have bookmarked it and will give more thoughts as I read more, thank you.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I think your idea is not crazy, everything is possible, If you read My post travelers or aliens you will see that i share your opinion:).As you say maybe we are the visitors here and not the locals:)) 

      I really like the way you see things and I have to say the the Universe( or better Universes) is so mysterious and infinite that are many things to discover yet.

      Thanks for visiting my site and I am glad that you liked my article. Fell free to ask anything and be back anytime for more.

      Have a great day and i nice to meet you.


  4. Win Bill

    The predicted day of colonizing on mars is simply a few years away. Some people even claim that the moon looks entirely different on the surface unlike how they claim in the media. As for mars, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were already scientists, military and other people living there. As for time traveling, I always feel that there is a lot of “dejavus” that happens to me. It is entirely possible that time has been rewinded more than once and I experience the “effects”. I would love to see how people are doing on Mars one day. I am used to good old Mother Earth though so I probably don’t want to move over there. One thing I think about sometimes is why scientists don’t consider designing areas to live under the sea. It would have beenn nice too. What do you think?

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I think because under the see also is not safe. The point is to find a new house for the human race otherwise will be extincted but would be cool:) About deja vu, you are probably right . Nobody knows. It is possible the scientists to be already on mars but as you say in a few years we will know. I hope to be around to see it but i don’t understand why we should destroy another planet. Sad, isn’t it? Imagine going there and digging for all precious materials and gases.Anyway, this is the humanity.

      Thanks for reading and you are welcome anytime .

      Nice to meet you.


  5. Bobbi

    Wow, what an article, do I believe it? I am skeptical, but I have to admit that the documents written especially by Relfe’s wife is a little mind blowing. Hawkins says that with in the next 100 hears if humans do not colonize somewhere else, we all will be extinct, scary. Amazing and so full of information, I do not know how I feel about this or if I believe Basiago, but it is very interesting, for sure. Great post, but still skeptical.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I am glad that you like it and you are right everything looks so…out of reality, unbelievable but can you be sure isn’t true? Thanks for reading my post and if you have any question and i can help, i am here. ok Hawkins said that we have to colonize in the next 100 to start to find a new house but not extinct in 100 years. I think not so soon but i am sure it will come the end of the human race here.

      Have a good day,


  6. Penelope

    It’s absolutely trippy to think that the first person to go to Mars has already been born today. I never know quite what to make of all these memoirs and exposes from supposed ex-military ex-intelligence people claiming the existence of things like time travel and secret government colonies on Mars. I guess it’s possible, I mean, who am I to know what is or isn’t? But it kind of makes me wish that we had more evidence, because I don’t feel there’s any reason to keep something like that from the public. We’re all in this quest for life and knowledge together.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      You are right , people should know the truth but some things are secret military projects people no need to know about. You see , even in the news now they say that in the next years we will colonize mars. About time travel i understand why is kept secret if is possible. Time travel in the wrong hands is a very powerful weapon so imagine how the world would be if anyone could travel into the past, changing the course of the history…And how many criminals would escape from the law, going in the future or past?
      Anyway..we can’t be sure what is the truth so…
      Thanks for visiting my site and stay close for updates.

  7. Craig Ostrander

    Very interesting post Cristina. I have never really had much of an interest in time travel, aside from watching a little Dr Who, but this article caught my attention because of Mars being the subject. I do follow the exploits of Elon Musk mainly because I have one of his company’s solar system on my roof. But his endeavors into rockets and space have also been an interest of mine. I also was a big space nut in the days when the US had a space program and vividly remember the first moon landing.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Space was always my passion also…It is such an infinite place to discover yet…Thanks for reading my article and I am glad that you find it interesting. We have to see what Elon Musk will do finally and I like to follow his work. Stay close for more updates.
      Thanks again for visiting and have a good day, Craig.
      Nice to meet you and hope to see you soon on my site.

  8. Chris Towers

    I think it is exciting to be at this stage in technology to be able to travel to and land on another planet.

    There are some really clever people out there that have made this possible,

    Although I find it exciting, I cannot help wonder that the human race might just bring the planet of Mrs to its knees just like it has done with the Earth.

    I hope I am wrong there though.

    Great article.. thank you.


    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I totally agree with you, Chris. I admire their intelligence but I don’t this is right for us to destroy another planet. We were given one chance and we didn’t take it. We didn’t respect and care out home, Earth, unfortunately.
      Thank you for visiting my site and I really hope things will go better and we will not have to leave Earth.
      Have a nice afternoon,


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