Project Pegasus – Another Secret Experiment?

basiago Chronaut

 Is this another secret experiment? What was Project Pegasus about?The more I search, the more I understand that we don’t know even a small percentage of what is going on behind closed doors.

Everything started in 1968 when Andrew Basiago was still a child, 7 years old and he was a participant in a US time – space exploration program. This program, called Project Pegasus, had the purpose studying the effect of time travel and teleportation in children.

 What really happened there?Andrew basiago


In 2004, Basiago decided to talk about his experience as a child and to tell the truth about this classified experiment.

The US government wanted the children to relay information about future and past events to the President, military and intelligence community.

The children were recruited for their ability to adapt to the ‘strains of moving between the past, present and future.’

140 schoolchildren were secretly enrolled in this classified project and they were expected to continue to be involved as adults, in time travel and to serve as America’s first generation of time travelers ‘chronauts’.

 Andrew Basiago was the first child to teleport and one of the first time- space explorers as he said in his book ‘Once Open a Time In The Time Stream: My Adventure in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age.’

 Even if he was only 7 years old, Basiago remembers everything he went through from 1968 until 1972 when he participated in these experiments.

He claims that most of the experiments are attributed to Nicolas Tesla and also he remembers some time travel devices invented by Tesla himself.

After Tesla’s death in 1943, the plans for a teleportation machine were found in his apartment which was set to use radiant energy as Basiago named it.

His exact words were: ‘Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered that is latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.’ (Andrew Basiago)

 The experimentbasiago Chronaut


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What was this project about? What was it that Andrew Basiago had to do? There were some experiments that he will always remember, although painful and difficult for a child to understand.

Andrew was supposed to pass this curtain of energy and enter a ‘vortal tunnel’ that should send him to his destination. This was one of the devices that he had to experience.

I know maybe few words are technical and I am sure you don’t understand them (me either sometimes 🙂 ) but I will try to explain them as simple as possible and what he went through as a child.

Another teleportation was a ‘plasma confinement chamber’ in a laboratory in New Jersey and a ‘jump room’ in El Segundo, California.

All these experiments weren’t safe for the children. In one of the Basiago time journeys, Alfred Webre remembers that one child came before from the time travel and his body appeared before his legs. He said that the child was in a lot of pain but also he claims that since this experiment these problems have been rectified.

Where did Andy go?


He talked about his time travel journeys and I don’t know if you will believe what I will tell you here, but …me personally I did.

Why not?Basiago in 1863

Some of his journeys took him into the last century. He found himself in 19th November 1863, the day when President Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address, also in the Ford Theatre when President Lincoln was assassinated but he couldn’t see the crime. He runs into himself twice.

And which one is the most surprising destination; Plane Mars. In 1980, with the help of the jump room, he teleports himself with some two other young boys, onto Mars with the mission to be an ambassador for the Martian civilization.

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You will not believe also who were the other two co-travelers; William Stillings and Barry Soetoro (President Obama).

Basiago remembers also that each journey was different, actually, he has the impression that it was not only time travel, but also he was in different alternative realities.

What about Basiago Today?

 Today Basiago is the leader of the New Project Pegasus which wants to declassify time transportation and teleportation secrets.

This new project leads a campaign to convince US Government to make public the teleportation capability. He believes that traveling with the help of teleportation will be safer, cheaper and he thinks that it is better than any other transport methods.

He also thinks that it will be very important for the environment, that it can prevent a big percentage of the earth’s pollution.

So… what is your opinion after reading all this? Do you believe Basiago?

Would you like just to…teleport into your office in the morning instead of taking any bus or losing two hours in the traffic?

Thank you for reading and I am here to answer any question you have

Any comments are also welcome 🙂

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Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

I would love to hear from all of you who are also interested in this subject. Movies? Science? Book? Literature?

Whatever your interest is, I would love to meet you.


  1. Paan

    Hi Christina,

    I cannot say how excited that I’ve found your website. Bookmarked and Favorited.

    I am a big fan of secret experiments and projects and SciFi movies/ novels. Time travel, alien search and contacts, atomic bombs experiments, and human cloning, mermaid tribe! I mean it’s so fun reading and thinking what could have happened.

    Have you read The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov? It’s one of my favorite. Many provocative thoughts. He had his visions since he was from the 1950s and 1960s time, but still most tech were inspired by his novels.

    Are you from the future?
    Paan 😀

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      :))))) hahah 🙂 i wished i had the ability to time travel:) yes I read the book of Asimov and is really great 🙂 thanks for reading and I am happy that you enjoyed it :))i am also a big fan of all these mysteries , this is the reason i write about it 🙂

      Nice to meet you.


  2. Wanda

    Hi Cristina,

    Wow! This information is so deep and informative. This information seems like it came straight from a SciFi movie. I am intrigued by the interview of Basiago, it is believable yet how can you believe it? Wonderful information, thanks.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      thanks:)) it fascinated me too:) love it .i am glad that you enjoy it 🙂 stay around ,you will see more:)) thanks for reading:))

  3. Chris Towers

    Hey Cristina I have come back once again to your site and again I see more interesting information.

    I think there is a lot that goes on behind closed doors when it comes to information involving time travel and experiments.

    Although I am far from educated in this field, I do believe there is a hell of a lot more going on than we are ever told for sure.

    Sometimes we have to ask ourselves are we full of fantasy and imagination and it is all just in our dreams. Do you think?

    On the other hand there are a lot of educated people telling a different story.

    Fascinating subject and a great post. I love your site!


    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      thank you very much for reading my post and i am glad that you enjoyed it .i think from one part it is better that we don’t know so many things. imagine how would be the world if we could teleportate. i think it would be a chaos:) thanks for visiting again my site :)Cristina

  4. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Very interesting article on time travel experience, people have been experimenting with the time travel experience for a very long time. I do find moves and novels on time travel exciting to watch and read, I have read HG Wells the time traveler several times. I hope I have the author correct, if not please over look my mistake please.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      yes you are right with the author :)Books and movies are great, i live them but this is real fact. is not fantasy Project Pegasus. Thank for reading 🙂 if you are interested in books and movies, look the category.:)

  5. Summer

    This is a very interesting read.

  6. Efi

    Hi Christina,
    Great, finally I found a website that I love!
    Do you think that we have Aliens on area 51? 🙂
    I personally love movies, articles, Alien from the past (NG Channel) about everything that is Si-Fi, and now I also like your site.
    Keep up with the good work and posts.
    Waiting to read more.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      thank you very much :))) your words are very encouraging:) i am glad that i can offer something to my readers that is interesting:)) About Akiens I don’ t know but for sure we are not the only form of life in the universe:)

  7. Øssur Eysturoy

    Hi Cristina
    Very interesting article. Your writing is so captivating!
    I have always been fascinated by the thought of time travel, and I have seen “Back to the Future” at least 117 times. If I believe it’s possible? I really don’t know, but I find it hard to believe.
    About the teleportation to mars, I can’t believe it. Wouldn’t it be necessary to have a receiving portal on Mars in order to go there?
    How do they determine the destination, without a set infra structure? And how… what… where… when?! I can’t let go of all the questions that are now roaming around in my head, that’s how captivating your article is.
    I want to read more, and I want to understand the minds of these geniusses.
    Good work.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      to be honest :)…. i don’t have idea how…where…when:)) and i think is hard to find out as much as want but i will try to provide as much information i can and i am allowed to find:)) thanks for reading:))

    2. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Thank you very much Assur and i am sure you are right to have all this questions in your mind.It is really a mister for us how it could work time travel but if you think like this..who would believe that in 2019 would be on road drivelers cars? So..give it time and i am sure soon we will find out the truth and more details:) thanks for reading my article and if you have more questions that i can help you…i am here.

  8. Dr. Baker

    VERY interesting! Wow! I had never even heard of Project Pegasus.

    I would LOVE to time travel. How awesome would that be. Not only could you go back and meet family members that you have heard so much about, but also you could go into the future. That is beyond my imagination!

    Do I believe his stories? I am just not sure! I can’t fathom it! But… I would like to believe that hopefully one day this may be possible!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Yes i believe them. I think scientists have done more than we know in this area. In 50s they could do so many things, what about now? We will find out in another 50 years maybe.

      I understand is beyond imagination but think something, when somebody first realized the Earth is round , how this looked in the people’s mind? it was also BEYOND REALITY.

      Thanks for reading and I am glad you did enjoy it .

      Nice to meet you and have a good day.


  9. Glenys

    Hi Christina,
    I had not heard of project Pegasus either. Wow, it’s really hard to believe that governments were experimenting with time travel on children in the 1960’s. How did they get away with that? I hope they are not allowed to do that now. Children need to have a childhood.
    I DO think that the USA government did many high level experiments, both now and throughout all of history. I don’t think that President Obama has been to Mars.
    How interesting to think that perhaps it’s true though right?

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      I think children were used because they are more receptive and the respond better to those experiments.i don’t agree with this method also but…i think are still on in some laboratories, unfortunately.If in 50’s were so many secrets imagine now when the technology is more advanced.Anyway…i agree children has to have a peaceful childhood:).
      Maybe is true…who really knows?

  10. DianneBee

    Very interesting material! Real or not, it stretches the mind! Tesla’s work was also invoked in the film “The Prestige”, where time/space travel is used by a stage magician. Fascinating and a bit creepy.
    As for using children for experiments – ugh!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      yes….Ughhh:) you are right.I am glad that you found it interesting and you can find more if you like. Tesla was a great mind, a great inventor.About the movie Prestige i don’t know but i will surely i will try to find it and watch it. As soon as I am ready i will tell you my opinion>Thanks for the suggestion.
      Have a great time


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