Back to the future jacket-my review



Back to the future 2 jacket

Back to the future 2 jacket

Hello, everybody and I am happy to have you here again :)Today I will make a review about the Back To The Future jacket. I think we all wanted when we saw the films. Do you agree? So … we can have it :). In my opinion, it is great Christmas gift for all Back to the Future fans now that the holidays are coming:)

It is a tech wearable jacket that appeared in the Back to the Future II Sci-Fi movie as seen worn by Marty McFly. The jacket has the ability to change colors; auto fit the wear according to their body size and even self-dry when the wearer gets out in the rain.

The outfit is quite complex, considering it’s just street clothes. It starts at the lowest level with his t-shirt and white socks.  The t-shirt tends to stick in the lower neck joint and looks much better when you free it up and slip it higher on the neck post. It helps get rid of some of the giraffe issues, caused by the figure wearing so many layers.

The jacket is made from nylon with rubber sleeves and a silk lining though some small pieces of trim are missing. The description refers to it as “one of the rarest and most sought-after props from one of the most iconic sci-fi movies ever made.”

Marty  McFlt outfit

Marty McFly jacket

Marty McFly jacket

The eventual new owner of the jacket would do well to pair it will Nike’s new self-lacing shoes, though finding a bottle of Pepsi Perfect could be the bigger challenge. And don’t even get us started on the lack of a convenient and obtainable hover-board that can work on any surface.

Over the t-shirt and socks are the striped shirt and jeans. The tailoring and stitching on both are excellent, although I do think the jeans are just a smidge high on his body in front. It’s a minor nit, though, and one I can certainly live with. The jeans are held up not with a belt, but with suspenders, just like in the film.  Over this is his jean jacket, complete with the little pins on his left breast side.

Again, its amazing tailoring and high-quality materials make the entire pieces shine. The patterned lining on the jacket, obvious where the wrists are rolled back, is complete throughout the entire jacket. The front pockets are real as well, giving you a place to put the Walkman or the folded flyer.

Finally, he has his red down vest, which he wore the night he met up with Doc in the mall parking lot. Tailoring, materials, and stitching – again, it’s all perfect. It is a little poufy, but that’s exactly the way it should look.

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One of the best aspects of this outfit is the sheer number of looks you can get out of it for yourself.  Take off the vest, and he’s perfect for the school day at the start of the film.  Take off the jacket, and you have him in the shirt and suspenders, the look when Doc Brown woke him up.  Add to the vest, and you have his look at the mall before he took off for the past. Add in the right accessories, and you can recreate several different key moments.


As it appeared in the movie, the jacket’s air amplifiers are fuelled by a rechargeable battery that tucks into an interior pocket. The jacket has a dry mode which when in use; takes about 1 or 2 minutes to dry out the jacket — after you get caught in the rain, for example — but the battery can run the systems for up to 30 minutes. The power of these built-in air amplifiers is equal to or better than that of commercially available hair dryers.

The power button looks like something you’d find on the back of your PC, though the company says it plans to redesign that before the SDJ-01 ships in April of next year. For people that loathe the clunky look of the current power button that could be a godsend, for others, it could be off-putting, since that is yet one more design aspect that has to be finalized before manufacturing, and crowdfunded projects are notorious for late delivery.
The “Back to the Future”-inspired jacket, dubbed SDJ-01, works by circulating high-pressure air in the enclosed space between the coat’s inner lining and outer layer. The SDJ-01 also has three vents, located near the neckline, to release the circulating air. These conveniently located outlets can also help dry off your hair and face, or cool you down in the summer, Falyon said. And for your other gadgets, the jacket has plenty of storage space: eight pockets, including ones specially fitted for smartphones and tablets.

But despite all these bells and whistles, the company has tried hard to keep the jacket’s bulk to a minimum.

What did they say?

Marty McFly outfit

Marty McFly outfit

“The biggest issue we had was getting tech into the jacket that wouldn’t be too heavy or bulky but, at the same time, would be powerful enough to do what we wanted,” Aaron Coleman, lead tech designer at Falyon, told Live Science in an email. “We went through many designs and ruined jackets before we had our eureka moment and finally arrived at the design we have now.”

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And although Marty McFly’s high-tech garb may have provided the creative spark for the invention, Falyon thinks there’s a good reason for people to take note of this futuristic jacket, even if they aren’t familiar with the iconic movies. After all, who likes a soaked coat? No one does actually.

“Our target customers are people that want to dry their jackets quickly and don’t mind showing off that they are using wearable tech to do so,” Coleman said. “Just as people don’t feel self-conscious about wearing something like Google Glass or talking to their watches, they shouldn’t feel self-conscious about using wearable tech to dry their jacket after they’ve been rained on.”

The jacket comes in several colors, including charcoal black, metallic silver, titanium white, cobalt blue and a “special edition” red-and-black version designed to look like the one worn by Marty McFly in “Back to the Future Part II.”

The jacket itself is a standard looking ski affair from the outside, with four front flap-close pockets; the version shown with the amp running, which looks more like a down jacket, is a proof of concept prototype (lovingly known as the SDJ-00). For the -01, the finished product, the outer layer will be water-repellent nylon and the lining, rayon. The inside hides the tech, plus a couple pockets; a massive one for a tablet on the lower right and a cell pocket on the upper right. The power cell is tucked under the left breast pocket.

Where can I take it?

So…I hope I gave you a nice idea for a present:))) I am always to help.You can find the Jacket at a very good price on Amazon and also you can take the full costume Back to the Future 2  at a special price, a nice offer:)

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you will enjoy wearing it :)))


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Cristina Boros
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  1. Lee

    I couldn’t agree any more with your review. The films are one of the all time greats. The jackets are amazing, I didn’t realise that you could actually buy one!! Its very interesting about the technology inside the jacket and how they have tried not to make it bulky in a way, it can’t have been easy. I always look for interesting x mrs presents for my family and this is top of the list.

    Many Thanks


    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      good 🙂 i am glad that i helped:))) i hope it will be a great present:)if you need more info tell me , maybe the shoes.. the hat… have a look:)

  2. AndrewXIX

    I loved these films as a kid. I still do. Though I never did finish watching the third movie. Maybe I should make that a holiday project.

    I even had a jacket that was a bit like Marty’s when I was in junior high, except it was green. Also, it didn’t have a battery-drying function.

    This was a lot of fun to read, Cristina. Thanks for bringing me back to my nostalgic past. Or maybe back to my nostalgic, uh, future.

    Happy trails!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      thanks for reading:) I am happy that you enjoyed it 🙂 I know , these movies are part of our childhood:)

  3. Asen

    Wow the self-drying function is awesome.
    Is there a choice for a size?
    I want to purchase it as a gift for my little cousin who is a die hard fan of the movie and I am sure that he will like it.
    Thank you very much for your review it is exactly what I wanted to know in order to make my decision.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      i am sure she will enjoy it 🙂 of course if you follow the link to buy it you will see you have a size choice. I am sure she will be very very happy 🙂

      Thanks for reading :))) I am glad that you enjoyed my review:)

  4. Melissa

    Wow what a flashback! I loved all these shows. Almost forgot about them. I can tell you have put a lot of effort into your research on his outfit. You did a great job. I forgot that he always wore suspenders and not a belt. And his jacket I had no idea how intricate it was made. Truly unique thank you for all this wonderful information I really learned a lot.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      hello Melissa,

      Yes is a very pleasant flashback and me also I loved these movies in the 80s when they came until now, i still watch them sometime.About this jacket, is still cool and in fashion. was and then and is still futuristic. i think is a great gift for young people, teens.

      Thanks for visiting my site and have a nice day.

      See you soon for more updates.



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