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 As I promised in my first article I come with more information about Dr. David Anderson. If you read my first article you know already who David Anderson is. Here I want to have a closer look into his work.

Peter MoonPeter Moon, a great scientist, writer, colleague and friend of Dr. Anderson provides us with some information on their work. It is amazing how two great minds work together:)Peter Moon wrote ‘Transylvanian sunrise’ ‘Transylvanian Moonrise’ and other books where he gives a lot of information about Dr. Anderson’s work.

Peter Moon and Andrew Anderson were working together for a while in Romania where was established A Time Travel Research Centre.

But before talking about the experiences there, I have to tell that there is a question in my mind. Why were his websites, Facebook and everything else deleted? And more than this, why was the documentary he made for The Discovery Channel never shown? Why was everything about him deleted from Wikipedia?

Peter Moon And David Anderson in Romania

Bran Castle

Anyway… in 2008, Anderson and Peter Moon went to Romania for a new project. One of the places they visited in Romania was the cave of Cioclovina. David Anderson said that this place is the only place in the world where could be seen the evidence of a time reactor discharge. One other reason that Anderson was spending time in Romania was that he could work there with the best mathematics in the world.

There is a short story about Anderson that I found.

He was once walking in Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) and he saw something incredible: a painting of a man, exactly him at a younger age. He had a very strange feeling. Maybe from here is his interest in time travel? Something about his past…make me put the same question. He doesn’t know who his father is and he had 3 birthdays  one on his birth certificate, one on his driving license and one that family and friends remember). Maybe it doesn’t look something strange for you but…. maybe are pieces of a puzzle?

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David Anderson’s truth

In 2010 he gave some interviews about his discoveries. One of the most incredible things he revealed was about the time chamber which was increased to a larger size and now he was actually putting humans in it.

Of course, these revelations made him enemies and there were a few personal attacks against him and his colleagues.

Also, he talked about Andrew Basiago’s time travel experiences. I told you a few things about this in a previous post.

The Surprise visit of Anderson to MontaukMontauk Experiment

Later on….Montauk, April 2010.While Peter Moon was conducting a medicine seminar, Anderson came and made a demonstration of time travel in a short video in front of about 20 people. This video showed a small time chamber where a flower, an Amaryllis was placed in a time-warp field. It was a small plant that normally should bloom in 4 days. In this experience, the flower bloomed in 2 min and 43 sec.

Amazing….incredible. This small flower really time traveled.

His reveals

Dr. David Anderson wanted to share these amazing things with the people. He wanted to release some videos with this technology in action but of course, he was stopped. It is classified information. I personal understand why? I agree that is not a good idea for somebody to have access to this technology. And what if it goes into the wrong hands?

Anyway, later on, David Anderson had to make a trip to Moscow, Russia but he didn’t have some good feeling about it. Strange things happened from here. I can’t be sure. Some say that he didn’t come back; some say that he was seen in India… some that he is ok and just working on new projects.

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Dr. David Anderson talks about 10 technologies and methods of time control and time travel but me, I will just name them I will not go in detail only if you ask me in a future post. So, they could be: Quantum Tunneling, Near light speed travel, Alcubiere warp drive, Faster than light travel, Time warped fields, Circulating Light beams, Wormholes, cosmic strings, Tipler Cylinder and Casimir Effect. But the truth is that the technology we have today allows us to achieve only a few of this 10 possibilities.

The technology used and which can give results are Quantum Tunneling, Time warped fields, and the Circulating Light Beams. In the movies, we can see other methods as Wormholes, cosmic strings but are still only theories.

I think to go deeper in this theories is too much…but I will tell you just that in a few countries are already active time control programs: US,  Russia, Japan, India, China and South Corea.

Anyway…if you want to know more…just tell me 🙂 thanks for reading and I am happy to share this information with you 🙂


==>For further reading and viewing click below and you will find books, videos and many scientific articles<==



This is about David Anderson and as soon as I have further information I will come to update.

Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

I would love to hear from all of you who are also interested in this subject. Movies? Science? Book? Literature?

Whatever your interest is, I would love to meet you.


  1. Jonathan

    I want to know more. Even if it’s just about the worm holes. I love reading and recently I’ve been trapped in this time that I can’t figure out what to read. I’m tired of the common self development books I’ve read for the past few years. I used to love to read scary stories as a kid (goosebumps were my personal favorite). Now onto time travel. These guys, Peter Moon and Dr. Anderson are very interesting.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      yes they are:) come back soon and my next article will be about wormholes:)thanks for reading and I am happy that you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Santiago

    Hello Cristina!

    Thank you for this interesting post !
    I enjoyed reading it a lot, I have investigated about the work of peter moon and all his research and I did not know that he was also involved in time traveling theories.
    Looking at stuff like this really makes me believe that truth is stranger than fiction !

    Best wishes


    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      thanks for reading,,yes me too i think is more than just fiction…i really think we are very closed 🙂 read this two books of Peter Moon. Are amazing and if you need something to know ask me :)) what else did you read by peter Moon?

  3. JRay


    Very interesting story about the flower blooming in under 3 mins. That is truly a fascinating thing to not only accomplish but witness.

    I have always believed that some variations of time travel existed, The reason I say this is because our thoughts become things, and if we focus on something with such a passion and desire our minds will transform our lives to have that as our reality.

    All the best,


    1. Cristina Boros (Post author) think if we really want something much become reality …The power of mind? Maybe you are right .

      Thanks for reading my post and I am glad that you found it interesting 🙂 i am trying my best to give something to my visitors…informative and…enjoyable 🙂

      I also think that time travel is possible, i don.t know how but it is 🙂 I will find out :)))


  4. Nik

    What an interesting article you have posted here Christina. I always enjoy reading your stuff.
    I’ve never time travelled. I wonder about some of the photos of folks in different eras who appear to be time travelers.
    I think we are all curious about the subject. Thank you again for the article!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Welcome and i am glad that you did enjoy my article. yes, if you photos from different period of time, different places, you would think something must be true:)

      What do you think about the scientific part of time traveling, About Anderson ideas ? 

      have a good day and if you want to ask me anything feel free. #Thanks again,



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