Cosmic Strings And Time Travel

cosmic strings and time travel



Is this another way of time travel? It is nice to have you again here:). Today, we will discover together how cosmic strings and time travel are related. Oh… of course, first we have to see what are those cosmic strings 🙂

 What are the cosmic strings?

cosmic strings and time travel


One theory says that they could be large strings left in the cosmos after the Big Bang or the result of branes colliding.

The idea of cosmic strings was introduced in 1991 by the physicist J. Richard Gott. These strings are maybe lined,on the entire Universe, thinner than an atom. They generate a huge gravitation and they can pull anything comes close tot hem. Also, they are under a lot of pressure, like many millions of tons:)

Because they have a strong gravitational force that distorts space-time they can be used for journeys back and forward in time. They can make time travel possible. Any object attached to the strings will travel with a speed that will make this happen.

Cosmic strings are one dimensional. They only have length, like many light years long. These strings are stretching around the Universe, they are millions of times thinner that an atom and a density of million billion tons per cm. It is possible they carry a very strong electrical current.

Cosmic strings can be also described as wrinkles in the Universe.

How does this work?


When two cosmic strings are pulled closed together they may warp the time- space and create a closed timelike curve. Because the cosmic strings have a huge gravity a spaceship attached to them can travel to the past. This is proved only theoretical. How will do this the ship? It will loop around the cosmic string.

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So when two cosmic strings moving very fast meet each other they can cause a frame dragging because of the amount of gravitational power. The space ship traveling on the cosmic string always will arrive at the point it started.

Opinions and theories


Gott was supporting his theory but he said that to be able for a space ship to turn into a time machine and to go back in time, for one year journey the energy needed would be half of the mass-energy of entire Galaxy. So…this a reason why this is still just a theory of the time travel possibility with the help of cosmic strings?

The American Astrophysicist described in his book a time machine using the cosmic strings but as long as no cosmic string had been yet detected….we don’t know how would really work:-)gravitation

And we also have another inconvenience; we can’t travel in the past further than the moment when the time machine was created.

Cosmic strings are believed to exist but we don’t have any proof. They are just theories. They actually are defects in the fabric of the Universe. They were formed after the Big Bang when the universe cooled.

We have never seen directly these strings but scientists at the University of Buffalo claim that they have found indirect proofs.

Einstein’s general theory is actually the base of all those theories, According to Einstein, pure energy has a gravitational field.

What would be the result of time travel with the help of cosmic string?


What would be the characteristics of the application of cosmic strings for time control? The scientists from Anderson Institute reached the conclusion below:

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Effect: General Relativistic

Speed: Subliminal

Special space-time geometry: YES

Time travel to the future possible: YES

Time travel to the past possible: YES

Mater transport: YES

Information transport: YES

Technically Viable: NO

Possible exotic matter: YES

Low Input power: YES

So…this would be the results.

My thoughts


I personally think that theoretically, we mastered time travel but if it is practiced… I still can’t be sure. Researches regarding Gott time machine are still done but for now, cosmic strings are just in theory even if this is one of the few ways of time travel possible according to DR. Anderson.

Thanks for reading  my post and if you have anything to add or to ask, your comments are welcomed:)

I hope you enjoyed the video 🙂

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Cristina Boros
I have always been interested in time travel. From a very young age I was forever watching movies that would take me back in time.

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  1. Eric

    Hi Cristina, I enjoyed your article and the video. I really am interested in this subject, and I love to watch these type of scientific shows on television. I do also like to watch shows about extraterrestrials and the possibility of other beings in the universe besides ourselves. I believe the universe is too large and vast for there not to be other civilizations out there, and it is my personal opinion that other races and beings have already figured out to visit earth. So, in this belief I think time travel is possible, we just haven’t figured out yet how to master it. String theory is a definite possibility, we just need to figure out how to survive the process. Great article and interesting site!

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment and for reading my post:)I am glad that you did enjoy it .I agree with you that the Universe is infinite so…why should be only us? I believe also that time travel is possible and to ne honest i believe that is something more than only theory. Doesn’t meant we know everything. And to be honest, even if we mastered the time travel people wouldn’t find out so easy an wouldn’t have access . And this is fair enough because if we could time travel….world would be a chaos…Do you agree?

      So thank you again for your nice words:) if you have any question about the subject ot any related subject ..just ask:)

      Hope to hear from you again:)

  2. Trent

    Nice subject matter, i’ e always been intruiged with the cosmos, and space travel. Do you think we’LOL ever get there as a civilization? I find it interesting to note what you said that these cosmic strings are thinner than atoms and have more gravitational influence than most stars. That’s facsinating. I might research this topic some more. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cristina Boros (Post author)

      i think our technology is advanced but not enough to use the cosmic strings yet. maybe in the future,but i don’t think in a very far future. progress is made every year ,actually every day:) Look the difference with 10 years ago. Is huge . So, hope we will see time travel:)

      Thanks for reading and for your comment.



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